Classic Shell Start Menu is a freeware that can change the default Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 start menu as Windows 7 start menu. Users who are not happy with the new Start menu of Windows 10 or want the classic Start menu can now download Classic Shell to replace the native Start menu of Windows 10 with the Windows 7-style Start menu.

In addition to the Start menu, the Classic Shell also comes with the new feature for Windows Explorer. With the help of Classic Shell, you can configure Windows Explorer to display the free space and total size of the selection in the status bar, as well as you can add a toolbar and status bar for Windows Explorer.

The Start menu of Classic Shell is highly customizable. It has plenty of Skins and “Start menu” buttons to change the default look of the start menu.

classic-shellOnce installed in Windows 10 OS, you can access the setting of Classic Shell by right clicking on Start menu.


From the Settings, you can change the look of Start Menu button as well as you can change the whole Start Menu design.