I had recently written article about unlocking of Reliance EC1260 CDMA 3G dongle modem datacard broadband FreeUnlocking of  Reliance EC150 Huawei CDMA EVDO Modem Dongle Data Card Free. Various people are facing problem that while updating the firmware it ask SPC code not Firmware Code, so unable to unlock his modem. Today, I am writing in details to Get the SPC Code free via DFS CDMA tool. So, users can easily generate the SPC code to unlock his CDMA Huawei reliance modems.


How to Get SPC Code Free of any Huawei or ZTE Modem :


1. Download DFS CDMA tool V from the download link which is provided at the end of the article.

2. Now extract the downloaded zip file in a folder.

3. Now plug your CDMA Huawei or ZTE modem, for which you want to get the SPC code.

4. Now check the COM port on which your modem is connected, to check the COM port of the modem refer this article.

5. Now run dfs.exe file from the DFS folder which you have already downloaded.

6. Now click on Manager from left side and double click on the port and now your modem will be connected to DFS CDMA tool.

DFS Manager
DFS Manager

7. Now DFS tool will start reading your CDMA modem info and it will start updating the data as in screenshot.

8. After around 2 minute , when data will be updated in DFS CDMA tool, click on Memory tab.

9. Here in left side in Type “RAM” will be visible.

10. Click on drop down and change the “RAM” to “CEFS” as it is available in above screenshot.

dfs CEFS
dfs CEFS

11. Now click on read button from menu.

12. Now on right top below the type double click on SPC.

13. Now on the right side of SPC, SPC1 will come.

14. Double click on SPC 1.

15. Now in the main screen, spc code will be appear, as highlited in the above screenshot.

16. Now you have got the Correct SPC code, now follow the rest of procedure to unlock your modem.


Download DFS Tool Free Version


  1. sir even after selecting the identified com port the dfs.exe is unable to read my mts dongle model no.AC2766.it shows the port does not exists or used for another programme.plz help

    • Your menus of the above image are something different, also it is showing proxy name. If you are using proxy server then disable it temporarily and disconnect the internet too. Make sure there are no another device is connected to PC, then do.

    • First of all contect u modem AND …… Do Right clk on>my computer>manage>Device Managar and see port (com&port) now u will see u r modem port which is used by current modem …That port u have to select in (DFS CDMA TOOL> Managar…(y)

  2. i have MTS Huwaei ec315
    please let me know the spc and update unlock code
    meid: a00000495d9cf9
    meid: A00000495EA0E7

    note: i have tried evey possible thing, noting works….

  3. Dear Kamlesh sir while trying to update firmware it is asking SPC code and which SPC i have got (six digit) through DFS it is saying wrong password. kindly suggest where i can get firmware updater code.

  4. When I click read option nothing is showing
    The SPC page is bank

    The bottom window shows connecting
    My MEID:A100002347B169
    Model : AC2787

  5. Dear Sir DFS tool is not working for ZTE AC2791 SPC code and this link is not giving unlock SPC code. Please help me.

  6. Dear Kamlesh …..I updated my EC315 by using the password u r giving at successfully. How i can set RUIM only mode? Is it possible ? I can’t see com port on my Computer device manager, so cdma worshop can’t use. How to configure it in RUIM Mode ? ……Regards…………

  7. Hello sir…I would like to unlock my mts huawei modem ec315. Meid no is A00000495E50F0. Could you please post the firmware update code for this modem. I am posting this here since the comments to your another thread is closed. Thanks in advance.


  8. I hv run .exe for ec315-5 and now it doesn’t get connected with PC correctly!!!
    As Google chrome opens first page, it demands a code,and after only 2-3seconds it is disconnected.
    .exe firmware failed to recover user info.
    What to do now?

    Meid: A000004FADCAB2

  9. I did every thing you said in the tutorial to find the spc code.
    The CDMA tool shows the code to be 000000 but when i enter it,it says that the code is wrong what do i do?
    Where can I get the meid?

    • u need ur device in diag mode. mine comes up on 2 ports, one is modem option (port 10) and the other is the diag port (port 11 for me) your ports may be different.

  10. i am getting all zeros on the ram setting and it will not scan on the cefs setting. esn is 5f5f980c and 5F5F9239. spc has me locked out. cannot find the meid anywhere.

  11. MEID : A000004F625D7E
    pESN : 80992642 ( tata photon max wifi) Ec135
    now which things required for unlocking it. send me the unlcok code or any other things

  12. By this method every time it is giving 000000 as SPC Code. Which is not correct on cdma workshop. I have reliance ec159 huawei.

  13. Please any info about how to go about unlocking huawei ec226 cdma modem….Followed the instructions posted above but not working.

  14. I used EC315_Update_11. firmware to update.
    It has detected the port and now asking for password. Is it the SPC code thru DFS tool? I am not able to get it using DFS.

    MEID A0000043694FFE
    Please provide me the SPC code or the password for the update.
    Is there a tool to get the code?

    Thank You

  15. Sir after doing whole process I get SlC code but its not working and showing wrong password I get 000000
    My MEID is A000002DA74D8B please help m to find code..

  16. hi
    im using mts cdma Zte ac2787 modem
    SPC1 is not showing on the right side of the SPC
    plz help

    Meid : A1000023473313
    Sno : 9A122073313

    if modem needs to update firmware
    plz provide the firmware update code


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