In Windows 10, most of the popular settings are now under one roof and it’s named by Microsoft as Settings. Unlike the previous Windows operating systems, when you right-click on the Desktop and select Personalize, you will see the Settings app instead of the classic Personalization window.

The Settings app is primarily designed for touch devices and Desktop users are missing the classic Personalization window in Windows 10. However, you can get back the classic Personalization window back in Windows 10 by installing a freeware third-party utility, the Personalization Panel.

Personalization Panel is a free tool from WinAero team to add the missing Personalization window to Windows 10’s Desktop context menu. It is identical to the one which was present in previous Windows versions. Like the previous Personalization window, the Personalization Panel also comes with links to screen saver settings, Desktop icon settings, color & appearance, mouse pointer settings, and display settings.

How to get back the classic Personalization window in Windows 10?

1. Download Personalization Panel from this link and extract it using WinRAR.

2. Double click on the personalization10.exe file to open the classic Personalization window.


If Windows warn you against running this tool, click on More info link, and then Run anyway button.

3. To integrate with Windows right-click Context menu, click on Options from the left side menu.


4. Now, under Settings, click on “Integrate with Desktop context menu”.

From now onwards, whenever you will click Personalize option from the Desktop context menu, the classic Personalization window will appear.


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