If you are a notebook / laptop user then you will be familiar with small battery icon in the system tray area of the taskbar.


The battery status icon is very handy for users to know the status of Battery, it shows that it is connected to Power supply or not. If not connected to power supply, hovering the mouse over the battery icon shows the remaining battery time and percentage; if connected to the power supply it shows remaining time in full charge.

Right-clicking on the battery icon provides quick access to Adjust screen brightness, Power Options, and Windows Mobility Center.

By default in Windows 10, battery icon always appears in the system tray of the taskbar, but if you find it is missing then you can try out the following to restore the missing battery icon.

How to Restore Missing Battery Icon from Windows 10 Taskbar?

1. Open the Settings app by pressing Windows logo + I key simultaneously or click on Start button and select Settings app.

settings-app2. Click on “System” (Display, notifications, apps, power).

system3. From the left side menu, click “Notifications and actions”.

notifications-and-actions4. From right side, click “Select which icons appear on the taskbar” link.

notifications-and-actions5. Toggle ON, next to Power icon.

power-iconNow Battery icon should be visible in the taskbar of your Windows PC.


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