We all search Google for our daily needs. Google search means typing the query in the search bar (or the address bar) of the browser and hitting the Enter key, gives you the result. Today, I will share with you five most amazing tricks that can save your lots a time while Google search.

1. Filetype – If you want to search a particular file type, then why not tell the Google to give the exact result. Why you should waste your valuable time by opening each and every link. Suppose you want to search a PDF file, then use filetype:pdf after / before the word you want to search.

As a example we want to search unlock modem which is available in PDF file, then I will put the text in search like : unlock modem filetype:pdf or filetype:pdf unlock modem. And now I will get the result only with PDF extension.

Google Search2. Querry – If you want to search something specific term / exact word in Google, just put double quote in the text and search result will be only specific to the text you need. As a example if you want to search unlock 4 modem, jut in search bar “unlock 4 modem”. It will only show you the result with unlock 4 modem phrase

3. -Querry : If you want to exclude text / phrase from search result then use – (minus sign). Suppose you want the result of unlock but you want to exclude from the result modem, then you search criteria will be unlock -“modem”.

4. intitle – If you want the results with texts that should be in TITLE then you can use intitle word. Support you want to search Unlock Modem in title, then your search criteria will be intitle:Unlock Modem.

5. site – If you want the results from a specific website, then you can use site word. Suppose you want the result Unlock Modem from only routerunlock.com, then your search criteria will be site:routerunlock.com Unlock Modem. Google Search will give the result about Unlock Modem from only routerunlock.com website.

Above mentioned tricks works with all major search engines. You can try in Bing also.



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