Today, I have got many firmware for Huawei new algo modems, normal Huawei modem as well as HiLink Huawei modem dongle also. We are sharing every download link below. If any download link does not work, then copy the link and change the http with https and it will now work.
Huawei modem firmware update
Huawei modem firmware update

Huawei E3276 firmware from the operator MTS native
Firmware version : E3276s-210_Update_21.

Download Firmware of modem Huawei E3276
Huawei E3276 Native firmware from the operator Megafon
Firmware Version: E3276s-152_Update_21.

Download Firmware of modem Huawei E3276
Huawei E3276 Native firmware from the operator MTS
Firmware Version : E3276s-152_Update_21.

Download Firmware of Modem Huawei E171
Huawei E171 modem firmware from the operator Beeline.
Firmware Version : E171Update_11.

Download Firmware of modem Huawei E303
Modem Firmware Huawei E303 E303Update_22.
Firmware version :

Download Firmware of modem Huawei E3276 
Huawei E3276 Modem Firmware from the Estonian operator Elisa
Firmware Firmware : E3276Update_21.

Download Firmware of modem Huawei E3131
Huawei E3131 Modem Firmware
Version Firmware E3131Update_21.

Download Firmware modem Huawei E367 
modem Huawei E367 Firmware from Tattoo globe Philippines
Firmware Version: E367Update_11.838.01.00.158.B72

Download Firmware Modem Huawei E352
Huawei E352 modem firmware from the operator T-Mobile
Firmware Version: E352_Update_21.

Download Firmware modem Huawei E353 
Firmware : E353Update_21.
from Singapore operator M1

Download Firmware modem Huawei E392, Huawei E398 
Firmware from the Finland operator for modem Huawei E398 and Huawei E392. Firmware Version: E392_E398_firmware_11.433.57.00.260.B757

Download Firmware modem Huawei E173Cs, E303
Modem Firmware Huawei E173Cs, E303 Airtel
Firmware version : E173Cs-1_Update_21.

Download Firmware modem Huawei E303
modem Huawei E303 Firmware Version Firmware

Download Firmware modem Huawei E153
modem Huawei E153 Firmware version: E153Update_11.609.20.01.00.B427

Download Firmware Modem Huawei E153
Huawei E153 modem firmware Universal.

Firmware  Version : E153update_11.609.13.03.00.b427

Download Firmware Modem Huawei E153 (E153u-1)

Firmware Version :
Download Firmware modem Huawei E353Ws-1
Firmware Version:

Download Firmware modem Huawei E303, E353Ws, E353Ws-1 HiLink
Firmware Version: HiLink HUAWEI_E353Ws-1_HiLink-V100R001B010D05SP03C5021_HiLink11.010.05 .03.5021 _UK H3G_05010YCA.

Download E303C Huawei Modem Firmware Update 
Firmware version : E303CUpdate. Password: n1122n

Download Firmware modem Huawei E303 HiLink (India Open Market)
Download Firmware modem Huawei E303 HiLink (India Open Market)
12.7 MiB

Download Firmware modem Huawei E303 HiLink (India Open Market)

Author:Kamlesh Kumar
Platforms:Windows 8
Category:Huawei E303
Date:January 10, 2014

Disclaimer : Administration of routerunlock shall not be liable in case of unknowing change of the firmware of your modem / router / MiFi. Moreover, if you want any specific firmware of related to Huawei dongle / Pocket MiFi, then leave a comment, if it will be available then will be published. All the firmware which are posted at routerunlock, are free of cost and there is no need to pay anyone.

Firmware version : E303HiLink11.

Download Firmware modem Huawei E173
Firmware version : E173Update_11.

Download Firmware modem Huawei E173

Firmware Version : E173Update_11.
Download Firmware modem Huawei E355 (E355s-1)
HUAWEI_E355s-1_TCPUB157D10SP04C51_21. Wind_05010XSA


Download Firmware update of modem Huawei E3272
Firmware Update Huawei_E3272s_21.420.99.07.00


Download Firmware update of Huawei B683 WiFi Router

Download Huawei B683 Router Firmware V100R001C994B123 General ALL 05020NFN Ver
Another Huawei modem firmware download link will be updated. Till now keep enjoying.


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  1. I am having a Huawei Mobile broadband E352 With Orange Network UK….Can i change the Firmware and make it to be used with Indian Networks…

  2. here’s my device info:Software version: version:CH1E355SMDevice name:E355IMEI:869560001761124Serial number:X2HBYC92B0800812My number:639495227378MAC Address:78:F5:FD:27:CB:AF

    and i downloaded this one. E355s_21. whats the password?

  3. ok. you have the blue dashboard thing for the default of e355s-1? because i changed the firmware from this bluish dashboard thing to italian firmware which is colored orange.

  4. so.. insert the device (which is not detected by PC) then run the driver
    v5.01.05.00 i downloaded for my 64bit system, then after that.. my pc should detect my device?

  5. This software can not download! Download Firmware modem Huawei E353
    Firmware : E353Update_21.
    from Singapore operator M1

  6. hi my imei no is 867497012111761
    my modem is HUawei E3276, when i try to update by it’s software, they ask me for password. i just have one more time to place the password, because i have 3 opportunity to place the password.
    can you check / give me the the password?
    please help me

  7. I Need Password. Please… 🙂

    Device name: E355
    IMEI: 869560001845778
    IMSI : 282017111047358
    Hardware version: CH1E355SM

    Software version:
    Web UI version:

  8. Hi Kumar would you by any chance know where I can go to find out how to make my computer detect the com port of my Huawei E3531

    the following url is a blank and i tried different firmwares from the net and they open that url which I gave you before but nothing loads in the page and it fails with error 10 saying com port not found. I diabled all other network connections each time i tried.

    THanks in advance 🙂

  9. Device name:EC315IMSI :410510100585317Hardware version:CE1EC315MSoftware version: UI version:

  10. i try to unlock at a wingle before but it was damaged or burn. after updating firmware,
    now i bought new wingle.
    plz tell me clear methiod of firmware updating to unlock it and iso can i use it with gsm network.

    • EC315 is a CDMA SIM , so you can not use any another GSM SIM in it. For unlocking without risk search for Mkey dongle in local market. You can get it on repair shop of mobile / modem. He will easily unlock it.

  11. hey i need your help. i tryed to update my E3276 firmware. now its couropted. when i plugged in to usb its not detecting. how can i fix this problem? can i install firmware again?

  12. my dongel is E3276-920 i uploded fimware as you said. it apears in my computer as cd rom thats all soft vr 21.xx.xx.xx.xx can i fix this

  13. 1. i dowlnloded 4 fills (E303HiLink11. and hi link drivers)

    2. i instaled hi link drivers

    3. then i run E303 hi link11.xx.xx.xx

    4. then error apear

    5. then i run E3276Update_21.

    6. it has suscsesfuly updated.

    7. now when i insert my dongel to pc. only usb plug in sound. and in my computer their are 2 new things. dongel apears as a cd rom. then i opend mobile patner. no signal.

    8. then i again try to instal firware. error code 10 usb device not found.

    9. i think its totaly dead. if you can help me. please help me.


  14. Hi, Password for E303 firmware 22? I want to switch some E303 (dc-unlocker says E173-z1) from austrian provider A1 to HiLink. provider dashboard is only for A1 and Bob


    – Manufacturer :huawei
    – Model :E353
    – Revision :11.810.09.10.192
    – Phone IMEI :355514041588204


  16. Manufacturer :huawei
    – Model :E353
    – Revision :11.810.09.10.192
    – Phone IMEI :355514041588204

    I try as attached photo with this code : 52761756

    but given error.

  17. good day to you,
    unfortunately I have below USB
    E353 status………unlock code 64039434
    does not work !

    Model : Huawei E353
    IMEI : 357260040047093
    Hardware ver. : CH2E353SM
    Dashboard version : graham_inggs_custom_iso
    Chipset : HiSilicon
    SIM Lock status : Locked (CardLock)

  18. Hi, please could you help me with the password for the firmware update

    model: huawei E352LS-5

    network: Nextel

    imei: 868139001818555

  19. hello, could you help me please need password for my modem :
    modem Huawei e352
    imei 868139000502283
    ISP indosat ooredoo (Indonesia)

    since i buy SIM card from indosat ooredoo i can’t connect to internet but with other card usually work. OS usiny Mac OS 10.10 yosemithe

    Thank you

  20. dear kamlesh my stc huawei e3276 become corrupt by firmware updation process as i post earlier now it shows only yellow mark in other devides. com port not open in any way please post original stc huawei e3276s-920 firmware for me hope it will be correct for the datacard.
    please tell me other idea if you have any.

    • If it is showing yellow mark in other devices, then it can be rectified. Install Huawei Mobile partner in PC and restart the PC. It will successfully install the drivers and after that you can use universal firmware on that.

  21. Please Provide me update code.
    Interface :
    Found modem : E3131A
    Model : Huawei E3131
    IMEI : 865456016845784
    SIM Lock status : unlocked
    Wrong codes entered : 0 (unlock attempts left : 10)

    Please tell will updating relock my sim.

      • As i mentioned it was from Orange so maybe they did that.
        But I bricked it while upgrading. I am trying new firmwares if any revives also i would apply the UTPS 23.xx update after that. Then I will contact you for sim unlocking.

        One question if I scan in DC unlocker it tells me WebUI 11.xx means It has WebUI i will try to convert it to normail. Is it possible.

        Mujhe Itna jhelne ke liye dhanyawwad sir 🙂


    Found modem : E392
    Model : Huawei E392
    IMEI : 869469000028875
    Serial NR. : B9B5TC9281800590
    Firmware : 11.836.13.10.284


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