Recently Huawei has launched Huawei E303 modem in various places. First time, Huawei has launched an unlocked modem of E303 series. After that, Huawei has launched locked modem to a particular network. Huawei E303 Hi-link download speed is 7.2Mbps and upload speed is 5.76Mbps.

In some places, Huawei E303 Hi-link modem has been launched locked to Glo network and in India, it is launched by Aircel and Idea carriers. Huawei has changed the lock technology which is known as New Algo. Huawei E303 which comes with Glo network is also of new Algo dongle but its IMEI series is of 35 series. But, in India Huawei E303 Hi-Link modems have been launched with 86 series IMEI. Huawei E303 modems of Aircel network can be unlocked by a SIMlock code. Means, there is no firmware or any software for flashing modem is required.

huawei -hilink e303 india
Huawei -hilink e303 India

But, Huawei Idea and Glo locked Huawei E303 come with customized firmware and presently there is no unlocking solution is available. Means, there is no firmware works on this device.

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