Airtel has launched a new 4G data card in India, Huawei E3272s-927. It is sub-model of Huawei E3272 and comes with customized firmware version 21.436.33.00.284, Compile date / time : Sep 23 2013 and Hardware ver : CH2E3272SM, Dashboard version : UTPS

When you detect it under dc unlocker software, you will get details like :

manufacturer – Huawei modems
model – Auto detect (recommended)
Found Applications port COM17
Found modem : E3272
Model : Huawei E3272
IMEI : 862************
Serial NR. : Q9CBYA9411507659
Firmware : 21.436.33.00.284
Compile date / time : Sep 23 2013 18:46:23
Hardware ver. : CH2E3272SM
Dashboard version : UTPS23.
SIM Lock status : Locked (Card lock)
Wrong codes entered : 10 (unlock attempts left : 0)

Indian Airtel 4G E3272s-927 Huawei Indian modem can be unlocked with un-customized firmware and correct unlock code. Unlock code charge of E3272s-927 Airtel 4G modem is Rs 300 for Indian users and US $6 for international users.

If you are from India, you can pay through PayUmoney.

Update : Download Firmware Huawei E3272s-210 21.436.11.00.143 (MTS Russia) from

Update the firmware and it will be unlocked forever. While updating the firmware, the device will ask you unlock code, comment with model and IMEI to get the firmware update code.

Now update the device with Huawei Mobile Partner for Windows 8.1 & Mac 10.10, create a new profile and connect to the internet. Share it and enjoy.

Update : Recently Airtel has launched the E3272s-927 with firmware version 21.470.05.02.284. It is also unlock-able with above-mentioned firmware.

Update: One user has reported that after updating the file, his dongle stopped working. So, kindly do it at your own risk.

Note: E3272 can be repaired remotely, charge is only Rs. 400 or 8USD.


  1. I want to flash my Aurtek 4g USB modem with the firmware but need the unlock password its asking for . My device details are :

    DC – Unlocker 2 Client 1.00.1190

    Detecting modem :

    selection :
    manufacturer – Huawei modems
    model – Auto detect (recommended)

    Found Applications port COM7

    Found modem : E3272
    Model : Huawei E3272
    IMEI : 862601020242766
    Serial NR. : Q9CBY14504003507
    Firmware : 21.470.05.02.284
    Compile date / time : Apr 10 2014 08:58:12
    Hardware ver. : CH2E3272SM
    Dashboard version : UTPS23.
    SIM Lock status : unlocked
    Wrong codes entered : 10 (unlock attempts left : 0)

  2. I am unable to install Huawei-HiLink-Drivers on my windows xp professional Version 2002 SP2 32 bit laptop. Please help how I can install. I will send you the fee for the unlocking code (for my Airtel 4G Hotspot E5573s-606) if you tell the amount and your bank details for fund transfer. The details of the device are as follows:

    Device name: E5573s-606

    IMEI: 866079021999039

    IMSI : 404400992757633

    Hardware version: CL1E5573SM

    Software version:

    Web UI version:

    LAN MAC address: 24:1F:A0:3F:B6:D0

    WAN IP Address:

    WAN IPv6 Address: Unknown

    PLMN: 40440

    CELL_ID: 230501891

    RSRP: -89dBm

    RSSI: -71dBm

    SINR: 18dB

    Please help.
    My email:
    mobile: 9940137198

  3. when i use the unlocker it says datacard is not locked can you tell what the problem is i am using mac el capitan 10.11.3 it dosent even install the given airtel driver on el captain had to test it on windows 7 machine but i cannot change the profile to vodafone connect it was a airtel dongle set to airtel profile and apn ,new profile cannot be created seems like locked.

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  5. Hello it is connecting but firmware not updating
    Error 12 16 17 are coming gelo then I will pay u; i already paid u for another device don’t worry

  6. Model Huawei E3272s-927, Firmware: 21.470.05.02.284, IMEI : 862601020077329 Plz share unlock Rs.300 payment already made via payumoney

  7. Dear Kamlesh Kumar
    Kindly share me the unlock code

    Manufacturer: HUAWEI Technology
    Model: HUAWEI Mobile
    Firmware: 21.436.33.00.284
    IMEI: 862601020089316

    I am SANJAY BANERJEE from Barasat-near Kolkata. At first, I want to wish you and your family-SHUVA VIJOYA from Bengal. And then, I want to draw your attention about my 3yrs old Airtel 4G dongle. It was a postpaid dongle. After some months, I have surrendered that PostPaid connection and from then, that dongle is useless ! Now I want to unlock it for using Airtel or any PrePaid 4G SIM. I am giving you the details of that dongle and I agree to bare 300 Rs.-the cost of unlocking. But, here is a small problem–I have no any PayUmoney account and sorry, I don’t know to use it. So, I will transfer you the cost through BHIM. Pls, send me your account details, like Bank A/c Number, IFSC and your full name.
    Now, about the Dongle : HUAWEI-E3272s-927 Model. IMEI : 862601020579019. S/N : Q9CDW14731000324. I don’t know the FirmWare Version.
    My mob No. 9330723280. You can talk also with me. You can send a mail, also. Pls, give me the solution as soon as possible. Thanks a lot from SANJAY BANERJEE.


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