While browsing the internet, we often come across useful information in the websites, but when we want to copy it to save in our PC, our efforts go in vain when we see a window saying “Sorry, this functionality has been disabled by the administrator”. This message appears because the right-click option has been disabled by the site administrator. One can save the entire web page for offline reading, but why to choose this option, when we want to copy some of the paragraphs.

There are various ways to enable right click on websites, where it has been disabled. In this post, we will take a look at some ways to enable right click on websites and copy the text from right click disabled websites or blogs.

Without any third Party tools

Basically, right-click is disabled by the JavaScript coding. But there are ways that can enable this feature on your browser.

1. Using a Code:

In this method, you have to remember the below string, or write it down in a notepad file:


Whenever you come across a web page where right-click option is disabled, just copy the above code and paste on the browser address bar and hit enter from the keyboard.

You will now be able to do the right-click. But, the downside is you need to use it every time in order to access the right-click menu.

2. Disabling JavaScript from Settings:

(i) Disable JavaScript in the Internet Explorer


To disable JavaScript in the Internet Explorer, open Internet Options > Security tab > Select Internet zone > Click Custom level.

Disable Active Scripting. Click Apply then OK and restart your Microsoft Internet Explorer.

(ii) Disable JavaScript in Chrome


If you want to disable JavaScript in Google Chrome, click on Settings > Show Advanced Settings > Privacy > Content Settings.

A new window will open with Content Settings heading. Select radio button under JavaScript “Do not allow any site to run JavaScript”. If you want to add any exceptions then you can do by clicking on its Manage exceptions button.

Click OK and restart the Google Chrome.

(iii) Disable JavaScript in Firefox

In Firefox 23 and later the option to disable JavaScript has been removed from Options > Content > Enable JavaScript. To disable JavaScript in Firefox, you have to type about:config in the address bar and hit Enter from the keyboard.

Search for javascript.enabled and double-click on it to toggle its value to False. Restart the Firefox and you have done.

To re-enable JavaScript, set the value of javascript.enabled to True.

(iv) Disabling of JavaScript in Opera


In Opera you can disable the JavaScript by open its Tools > Quick Preferences > uncheck Enable JavaScript. Restart the Opera web browser and JavaScript will be disabled.

Once you have disabled the JavaScript in any browser, come back to the web page and then reload it. You will be able to access the right click menu. But, the drawback with this method is that you are completely turning off the Javascript, which means it wouldn’t run any JavaScript codes at all. It may restrict the other functionalities of the web page.

3. Other methods

To copy the text you can easily access the source code of the web page by hitting Ctrl+U and find the required text and then copy.

You can also save the web page to your computer by pressing Ctrl+S, double-click to open it and then copying the necessary text area.

4. Using Third Party Tools

If you don’t want to mess-up with setting in the browser, then there are other ways to disable the JavaScript to copy the text from a web page.

(i) Web Proxy


You can use a web proxy which sits between you and the Internet that lets you browse websites anonymously by hiding your details such as IP address. You can go to a site which offers web proxy, such as hide.me or filterbypass. Enter the URL of the web page where right-click option has been disabled. Check the option to Remove Scripts which prevents the site from running any scripts and go.

(ii) Browser Extensions

Last method is browser extensions to disable the JavaScript. You can use RightToCopy for Chrome or Right To Click for Firefox.


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