All major browser including Chrome supports tabbed browsing, but we are yet missing tabbed Windows Explorer in Win 10 too. A tabbed interface allows users to open multiple instances of Windows explorer in the same window and creates the easiest platform to work on multiple projects at a time. Clover is a freeware that lets you add the tabbed interface in Windows Explorer. Tabbed Explorer can be enabled in Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista & XP with the help of Clove freeware software.

Clover brings the Google Chrome-like tabbed interface to Windows Explorer. The tabs are arranged in such a manner that looks like Chrome browser.

Tabbed Windows ExplorerFor those who prefer keyboard shortcuts, can use, Ctrl + T to open the new tab, and Ctrl + W close the current tab, and Ctrl + Tab to switch between tabs. You can also bookmark any folder or drive using Ctrl + D shortcut or by right-clicking on Tab, then select “Bookmark this tab”.

Bookmark this tabClover intelligently gets integrated with Windows Explorer and whenever you will try to open default Windows File Explorer, Clover will start tabbed explorer.

The app is totally clean and works well in Windows 10. You can download this free utility from here.

If you want to beautify your Windows folders, you can use free tool Folder ColorizerTablacus Explorer is a free add-on for Windows 8.1 that supports tabbed file explorer.

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