There is a button on CD/DVD tray to let you eject DVD or CD, unfortunately, there is no built-in shortcut from the keyboard to eject the DVD tray or reload the tray. Sometimes it is an inconvenience as the DVD door may not be on the front, especially in the case of PC. It may also happen that the physical button is not working properly. Moreover, if you get an option to control DVD tray using keyboard or mouse that will be faster.

Some people prefer to create a custom VBScripts for a sequence of tasks. But it can not be the right choice for everybody and may you want a third party tool to eject DVD/CD tray without performing any manual task.

door-controlDoor Control

Door Control is a lightweight freeware that allows you to eject the DVD door/tray using a simple mouse click. After installing the Door Control, you will get an icon in the Windows System Tray. Whenever you wish to eject the DVD tray, simply click on the icon.

Additionally, you can also configure hotkeys using Door Control if you prefer the keyboard than the mouse. If you are using a mouse you can click the System Tray icon and whenever you are playing a game or doing anything else, you can simply press the hotkey.

To set up the hotkeys, right click on the Door Control icon from system tray. It will open a small window containing three specified keys : F11, Home, and F8. Select one of them and click OK, as shown in the image above. The software works well with all versions of Windows, including Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Win Vista and XP. You can download Door Control from the Digola website.


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