All of us have some important files in our PC and do not want to lose them. It may be personal files or for business purposes. In any case, we do not want to lose it and keeps a backup of important files in CD/DVD, pen drive, or external hard drives. Once you have created a backup in any external media, after a crash of your PC, you can restore it back.

With the help of a freeware tool Duplicacy, now it is also possible to keep a backup of important files / folders at online servers. You may prefer to store your contents online since cloud backup is easy and can be accessed anywhere from any device. You can configure multiple cloud services and take the backup.

Duplicacy lets you configure multiple cloud services and take the backup along with client-side encryption and it also reduces disk space usage by eliminating storage of duplicate files.
Using Duplicacy, you can schedule backup at Amazon S3, Dropbox, MS Azure, Google Cloud and SFTP server of your choice.

duplicacyDuplicacy is easy to use and comes with minimum options. Once you run the tool, select the folder which you want to take a backup. Once you select the folder, it also let you filter out some folders inside it. After that select the location of storage from Amazon S3, Dropbox, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and FTP server.

duplicacy-online-backupAfter the selection of folder, you need to authorize the app to access the service. It provides Lock-Free Deduplication, means relying on the basic file system API to manage deduplicated chunks without using any locks.


The app lets you schedule the time and frequency of backup by selecting the days of the week when you want the app to take a backup. It is also possible to restore the backup by searching for previous snapshots. It gives you options for email notification on the completion of backups, support for Volume Shadow Copy, integrated restore option, and more.

Once the backup is completed, you can browse for the cloud backup and for accessing the files, you need to restore it back. Duplicacy takes full incremental backups and is available for Windows, Mac and Linux too. You can download it from here.