Firmware and software are essential parts of any device. Without software or firmware no device can be operated. When device gets launched, it generally comes with outdated firmware and software. After the release of the smartphones / tablets in the market, company works harder and keep the device updated with latest technology. Below, I have provided all firmware / software updates which is released till now by the Xolo. For some of the models, I have already provided full details to update it in your device. Rest will be covered in the further article.

Download Xolo Q700S KitKat Upgrade

Download Xolo Q1000 Opus 2 update from S010 to S011

Download Xolo A500s Lite software update

Download Xolo Q1010 KITKAT Update

Download Xolo Q1010i KITKAT Update

Download Xolo Q1000 Opus KITKAT update from S011 to S015

Download Xolo A500 Club update from S014 to S018

Download Xolo A500 Club software update to S018

Download XOLO Q1000 Opus KitKat Update

Download Xolo Q1000 Opus KITKAT update from S010 to S011

Download Xolo Q2000 software update through FOTA (Version-S123 to S125)

Download Xolo Q2000 software update through FOTA (Version-S122 to S125)

Download XOLO Q800 Software Update

Download XOLO Q900 Software Update

Download XOLO Q1000S Software Update

Download XOLO Play Software Update

Download XOLO Play Software Update (2)

Download Xolo Q600 Software Update

Download Xolo Q700 Software Update



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