Most of us like to install free applications from the web. While installing free applications, you may have already noticed that many of the popular free applications are not exactly free anymore. Most of them will try to install browser toolbars and unwanted software on your PC.

Toolbar Cleaner

While installing the freeware software’s you need to take extra precautions. Suppose you install AVG free antivirus, you will be offered to install AVG Toolbar, which is fairly difficult to uninstall. Some more popular toolbars are Bing and Google toolbars, that can be easily uninstalled but uninstalling toolbars like Babylon search is a tedious job.

Toolbar Cleaner

If you are also struggling with a bunch of browser toolbars and want to quickly remove it, then Toolbar Cleaner app will be the right choice. This freeware will help you in removing the browser toolbars with a few clicks.

Apart from the cleaning the toolbars and extensions from the web browsers, it can also remove programs from Windows startup to speed up the boot process.

Toolbard Cleaner - StartupInstallation of Toolbar Cleaner

During the installation of the Toolbar Cleaner, you will be prompted for closing all the running browsers. Once installed successfully and launched, you just need to select browser extensions and toolbars that you want to completely remove.

As I discussed above, the freeware program tries to install toolbars and browsers extension. Toolbar Cleaner removes the toolbars and browser extensions, but it also tries to set Yahoo as default search provider and MyStart as the homepage. What a funny thing!

Toolbar Cleaner 2.0 Installation

This freeware version of Toolbar Cleaner cleans the toolbars from only the web browsers and doesn’t remove the entire toolbar installation from your PC. After removing toolbars from browsers, it asks you to manually uninstall them from your PC via Control Panel.

Toolbar Cleaner - Run Control PanelOverall Toolbar Cleaner is good for novice and works as it promises. So, once should try it. You can download Toolbar Cleaner from here.