Before Windows Vista, optimization of the hard disk was a tough job for a administrator. Microsoft has slowly slowly improved the native de-fragmenting tool and it keeps working in background without your knowledge. But, native de-fragmentation tool of Windows is not too good and I always prefer using third party apps.

Today, I have got one freeware tool that is called, SuperEasy Live Defrag. According to the official website of this free software, SuperEasy Live Defrag is supported on Windows XP / Windows Vista (32/64) / Windows 7 (32/64). However, I used it on Windows 8.1 64-bit OS and it de-fragmented the hard disk quietly.

Super Easy Live Defrag


Super Easy Live Defrag registers itself as a disk defragmenter process and keeps on running in the background of Windows operating systems. Download it it in PC and run it once, it will keep on checking the disk fragmentation without interfering with your work. When it finds that a drive has been fragmented and need to be optimized, it starts defragmenting that disk drive without slowing down your computer.

Super Easy Live Defrag is free and also totally clean. It does not comes with any crapware that installs with your application. While installing the program, Super Easy Live Defrag creates a Windows process that keeps on running with the operating system in the background.

Super Easy Live Defrag comes with easy interface, so that a novice can also handle the program. After installation of this tool, there is no need of any UI. If, still you need then you can get it from System Tray.

The “Show Statistics” option will show you when the disk was defragmented and how many times was the drive defragmented during last week and since installation of the program.

It supports German, English, Dutch, French, Arabic, Danish, Spanish, Norwegian, Polish, Persian, Hebrew, Hungarian, Armanian, Italian, Georgian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Swedish, Turkisch, Ukrainian and Chinese. Its latest version download size is less than 15MB.

Download SuperEasy Live Defrag (Official Download Link)

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