I have already written many articles about Huawei modem. In this article, I am writing about drivers. You might already know that the latest version drivers come with many bug fixes and it may come with some new features also.

Hence, users should keep updated his PC with latest drivers. Huawei has recently launched the latest driver version for all models driver version which is available for download. This version is based on version, but in the latest version, it also supports IPV6 feature for NDIS driver, both in Qualcomm and Jungo.

By upgrading the driver users can bypass maximum errors of Huawei modem of any model including 35 series IMEI and 86 series IMEI modems. Hence, it is strongly recommended to update the drivers of Huawei modems. Go ahead and keep your computer updated by downloading the latest driver free from the link which is provided below.

Download Huawei Latest Driver


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