Huawei E3372 data card
Huawei E3372 data card


  1. Hello,
    I have a e3372 – Megafon M150-2 device with firmware. I use it in Hungary on Telenor network via Asus router. I have a lot of issue with it. So first I would like to upgrade the firmware. What is your release suggestion please? where can I download it and what will be the price?
    Thanks a lot
    Kind regards

  2. my modem is E3372h-607 fully unlocked……….but for the excited i have ugrade the firmware to 22.317.01.00.356(idea india) its not accpecting any of the sim excluded idea sim plzz help me out

  3. I also have a (E3372) Megafon M150-2 that is in stick mode and I need it to convert it to HiLink mode to be able to work with “DD-WRT” and “Of Modems and Men” firmware(s).
    I live in Belgium and mabe there are general dashboard and firmware available for my country to use for serval providers?

  4. hello guys i tired unlocking my e3372h-153 modem by updating the firmware but now the modem has been unlocked but the problem now is that there is no dashboard on the modem’s virtual parrtner cant even detect the modem and the modem’s default dashboard too cant detect it but dc-unlocker can detect it so i need help installing a new dashboard on the modem


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