Huawei E3372 data card
Huawei E3372 data card


  1. Hello,
    I have a e3372 – Megafon M150-2 device with firmware. I use it in Hungary on Telenor network via Asus router. I have a lot of issue with it. So first I would like to upgrade the firmware. What is your release suggestion please? where can I download it and what will be the price?
    Thanks a lot
    Kind regards

  2. my modem is E3372h-607 fully unlocked……….but for the excited i have ugrade the firmware to 22.317.01.00.356(idea india) its not accpecting any of the sim excluded idea sim plzz help me out

  3. I also have a (E3372) Megafon M150-2 that is in stick mode and I need it to convert it to HiLink mode to be able to work with “DD-WRT” and “Of Modems and Men” firmware(s).
    I live in Belgium and mabe there are general dashboard and firmware available for my country to use for serval providers?


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