TestBox2 Free Huawei Modem Tool V3.3 is a great tool with many features which has been specially designed for Huawei modems. This tool has been designed by MKey Team (Modem Unlock Team). MKey team is the world top most hacking team for unlocking the all brands modem. Users who are having MKey dongle must know about MKey team.

Huawei Modem Tool V3.3

Huawei Modem Tool V3.3 has many features:

  1. Autodetect com port and read full information about Lock status, counters , FW, SW
  2. It can send Unlock NCK code to Huawei modem.
  3. Activate/ DeActivate Autorun CD, Set AllBand activation.

Many times what happens is that users get the unlock code but after putting the invalid sim it does not ask for unlock code. After putting the other than default sim into the modem message flash on the screen “Invalid sim”.

Users who are getting above mentioned types of problem may be benefited through this tool. This tool is totally free to use. This tool can enable the virtual CD-ROM of the modem. Above mentioned tool not only can enable the CD-ROM but it can disable also.

So why not download this tool from the below link to unlock your modem.

Users who like my post must share my articles with his friends via Facebook, Google, twitter etc because I do not take charge for unlocking the modem. Users who are getting any problem can leave the message to unlock his modem. Genuine queries will be solved as soon as possible.

Download Huawei modem tool V3.3


  1. Hello
    i have Huawei B310s-927
    IMEI 866175028684580
    please help me
    how much will it cost and how to make payment please guide i am waiting

  2. hi, does this software works with huawei E8231s-2? I’ve been using Huawei Modem Code Writer v1.0b and card locker but still cannot proceed.

  3. My modem huawei b970 ..in egypt ..network is mobinil ..
    I trayed update firmware ..but it take vodafon profil and not unluck
    Imei : 352335020355891
    Plz unluck code or newer firmware.


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