Recently I had provided the firmware update of Huawei E3276, Huawei E171, Huawei E303, Huawei E3131, Huawei E367, Huawei E352, Huawei E353, Huawei E392, Huawei E398, Huawei E173cs-1, Huawei E353ws-1, Huawei E355 and various more modems in this article. Today, I have got some another firmware which you might like to  use.


Download Firmware Update of Huawei E352 modem
Native firmware from the operator Megafon Huawei E352
Firmware Version: E352As-2_Update_21.

Download Firmware Update of Huawei E3131 Modem
Official firmware from the operator Megafon Russia Huawei E3131 modem
Firmware Version: E3131s-2_Update_21.

Download Firmware Update of Huawei E3121 Modem
Native firmware from the Huawei E3121 of operator MTS Russia
Firmware Version : E3121s-1_Update_21.

Download Firmware Update of Huawei E3131 Modem
Firmware of Operator MTS Huawei E3131 Modem Dongle
Firmware Version: E3131s-2_Update_21.

Download Firmware Update of Huawei E355 modem
Firmware from Operator Beeline Huawei E355 Modem
Firmware Version: E355s-2_Update_22.

Download Firmware Update of Huawei E355 Modem
Firmware Version : E355_Update_21.

HUAWEI E355s-1 TCPUB157D10SP04C51 Italy Wind 05010XSA
HUAWEI E355s-1 TCPUB157D10SP04C51 Italy Wind 05010XSA
10.9 MiB

Download HUAWEI E355s-1 TCPUB157D10SP04C51 Italy Wind 05010XSA

Author:Kamlesh Kumar
Date:December 28, 2013

Disclaimer : Administration of routerunlock shall not be liable in case of unknowing change of the firmware of your modem / router / MiFi. Moreover, if you want any specific firmware of related to Huawei dongle / Pocket MiFi, then leave a comment, if it will be available then will be published. All the firmware which are posted at routerunlock, are free of cost and there is no need to pay anyone.

Huawei modem firmware update
Huawei modem firmware update

What is use of Firmware ?

  1. Firmware helps in updating the modem inbuilt software
  2. Firmware is also helpful in repairing of the modem.

How to update the firmware of Huawei Modem?

  1. Download the appropriate firmware of your modem.
  2. Disconnect from the internet.
  3. Close the software of the modem.
  4. Now run the downloaded firmware to update the modem.


Note : Above all mentioned firmware is of new algo modem. Above all modems can not be unlocked with old algo unlock code. If you try with old algo unlock code then your modem will be locked permanently. You can purchase the Huawei new algo unlock code in cheapest rates at here.


  1. I am using huawei E3121. Yesterday what happened but my modem is not working. it’s showing operator name but no signal bars. call and messages sending and receiving but internet is not connecting. please help me.

  2. when i downloaded the huawei driver form your links, my installed mobilewifi driver had a conflict to

    Huawei Driver v How do i clean the registry to use my original e355 driver that comes from the device itself by not using Huawei Driver v I tried reinstalling the original driver but it’s stucked.

  3. I have re-downloaded E355_Update_21. update,
    and E355s-1_TCPUB157D10SP04C51_21. Wind_05010XSA

    my IMEI: 869560001761124
    code sir?

    BTW, i cant edit the Dial-up number on each profile with the Italy wind firmware. Is there anywayi can do?

  4. huawei / E3131/ imei:863625021890561

    old.firmware: please password for a new firmware that is compatible with my device. please ( !?

  5. Hi Kamlesh, my huawei e355s-2 IMEI: 357372042122277, what is the password to update the fw?

    Another question to u, is the e355 can be used for port forwarding? Does it have the normal port forwarding features similar to the normal router?


  6. I want to return the modem Huawei E3131 hilink but why can not you please help her exhausted because anyone can still upgrade but always error 10 thanks


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