Download Firmware Huawei E5180s-610 Update (General)
58.3 MiB

Download Firmware Huawei E5180s-610 Update (General)

Author:Kamlesh Kumar
Platforms:Windows 8
Date:September 24, 2016

Disclaimer : Administration of routerunlock shall not be liable in case of unknowing change of the firmware of your modem / router / MiFi. Moreover, if you want any specific firmware of related to Huawei dongle / Pocket MiFi, then leave a comment, if it will be available then will be published. All the firmware which are posted at routerunlock, are free of cost and there is no need to pay anyone.

Huawei E5180 4G LTE CPE Router


  1. Hi.
    Simple question – what is difference between e5180s-22 and e5180s-610? Because I can’t find clear answer and I do not want do brick my modem. I have e5180s-22 but this firmware seems to be newer.
    Thanks in advance.

  2. Hello Kumar ,

    Please it is possible for LTE 5180s-22 router that is permanently locked work again ??? I made the biggest mistake of my life by upgrading the firmware and i was locked permanently . The ISP of the LTE 5180s-22 is called SMILE . Please kindly but me through the process of fixing this error if there is anyway out of it .

    Thank you Kumar

  3. Hello Kumar ,

    Are you saying the firmware is changeable even when it says permanently locked ?? and if yes please how do i change the firmware ?? please kindly give me steps to change the firmware of the LTE E 5180s-22 router thanks

    • Does not matter unlocked or locked, since there is no option to enter the code by default, then without changing the firmware with universal firmware, you can not proceed with unlocking.

  4. i unlocked the device so i could use another service provider and i have been using the unlocked router for like 3 months but yesterday i was ask to update my firmware and i did and my router says permanently locked .. pleased do you understand me kumar ??

  5. Hello, I have an E5180s-610 being used in Australia with Vodafone. Wanting to use another provider but keeps giving connection failed, but same sim works fine in another device but has different firmware. Both devices confirmed as unlocked. I was hoping to find firmware version
    Thanking you in advance.


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