Download Firmware Huawei E3276-920 Update Universal
Download Firmware Huawei E3276-920 Update Universal
20.3 MiB

Download Firmware Huawei E3276-920 Update Universal

Author:Kamlesh Kumar
Platforms:Windows 8
Date:April 12, 2016

Disclaimer : Administration of routerunlock shall not be liable in case of unknowing change of the firmware of your modem / router / MiFi. Moreover, if you want any specific firmware of related to Huawei dongle / Pocket MiFi, then leave a comment, if it will be available then will be published. All the firmware which are posted at routerunlock, are free of cost and there is no need to pay anyone.

huawei e3276 stc 4g lte modem
huawei e3276 stc 4g lte modem


  1. hello admin, i try to update my e3276s-920 modem with version on this site and successful, but when i want to connect internet with mobile partner or otherway it show “device not found”, can’t show information like imei or something like that and can’t connect to internet. Please admin to fix my problem, i want to make my modem work with latest firmwork

  2. Thanks for fast respond, now i have another problem.

    When i try to repair my e3276s-920 modem following steps from here ->
    until point number 4 using firmware version then successful and work again.

    When i want to upgrade firmware from here -> ( and successful, after that i realized that for E3276s-150 modem not for my E3276s-920 modem. My modem have same problem like before, and i try to repeat with same step to repairing but it doesn’t work with error message “error code:10, find port failed!” and show “” on my browser and nothing happen.

    Please Admin to fix my Problem.

  3. admin, I have a Huawei E3276-920 dongle. yesterday automatically. data signal was lost. i take my dongle and connect to my friends pc . but did not work. then i get my friend’s dongle and tried to surf internet. after few minutes. that dongle also affected to that problem. my Huawei E3276-920 does not detect the signal. why is that , can you help me to fix this. if i reinstall the firm wear. will it be worked.???

    please help me.


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