I keep writing about different modem firmware update, software update and unlocking processes. Yesterday, I had shared with you “Download link of Firmware Update (Software) Huawei B683 Viva Bahrain WiFi RouterToday, I am sharing the article about Dodo Dashboard (Firmware) Upgrade. You can download the Dodo Dashboard (Firmware) update file from the download link which provided at the end of the article.


How to Update The Firmware (Software) of Alcatel AL300 Dodo Modem Free :


1. Download DoDoDashboardUpgrader.exe (official firmware download) from the download link which is provided at the end of the article.

2. Connect your Alcatel AL300 Dodo modem to PC and make sure there should be power off.

3. Let it install all the drivers and software install in PC which is required to run the modem.

4. Now double click on DoDoDashboardUpgrader.exe file to run the update file.

5. Once the Dodo Dashboard Upgrade tool is open a welcome screen will appear as below, please click Next to continue.

Alcatel AL300 Dodo Dashboard Upgrader
Alcatel AL300 Dodo Dashboard Upgrader

6. The upgrade tool will now begin decompressing the files required to upgrade your modems software, the status bar will indicate this.

Alcatel Modem - Loading Img File
Alcatel Modem – Loading Img File

7. When complete, please click the Start button to begin the upgrade. Please ensure that at this stage your modem is still connected to the computer.

Alcatel Modem - Firmware Update
Alcatel Modem – Firmware Update

8. Shortly after you will hear a beep sound and a message displaying INFO: Please remove device and retry!. At this point please disconnect the USB modem from the computer and wait 10 seconds before connecting the modem to the computer again.

Alcatel Modem - Firmware update retry
Alcatel Modem – Firmware update retry

9. Once the modem is connected to the computer again, it will automatically start downloading the new software on to the modem as seen below.

Alcatel Modem - Downloading Dashboard
Alcatel Modem – Downloading Dashboard

10. You should now see a screen displaying a confirmation that the upgrade has completed successfully as below. Please click the Exit  button to close the update tool.

Alcate Modem - Update Successful
Alcate Modem – Update Successful

11. Finally you will need to uninstall and reinstall your AL300 modem software, once this is complete you should then be able to connect to your Dodo Mobile Wireless Broadband service.


Download Alcatel AL300 Dodo Firmware Upgrade Free

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