If you want to customize the default Windows 10 setting, then Ultimate Windows Tweaker 4 can do you for you in just few mouse clicks. This freeware tweaking software adds several new tweaks for the new operating system. This tool is for those, who have upgraded to Windows 10, and want to tweak Windows 10 and personalize your computing experience. By using Ultimate Windows Tweaker, you can make your computer faster, more stable, personal and more secure.

While you can always customize the Windows 10 using Settings app, the Registry Editor or the Group Policy Editor, but the Ultimate Windows Tweaker makes things easier for you.

Ultimate Windows Tweaker for Windows 10

When you run the Ultimate Windows Tweaker, it creates a system restore point for safety. If something goes wrong, then you can revert back to previous system restore point.


Ultimate Windows Tweaker is divided into several parts and comes with various customization options.

System information

When you will run the app, you will see the basic information about your system like Operating system version, Build, System Type, Processor, Installed RAM, Computer name, User name, and the WEI Score, etc. It will present with a few options like Advanced Recovery Options, System File Checker Utility, Create System Restore Point and Repair Windows System Image.



Under customization options you can do the following:

  • Remove Volume Icon / Network Icon / Action Center Icon from Notification Area
  • Remove Notification Area
  • Remove Clock / Battery Meter from Notification Area
  • Group / remove grouping of Taskbar Buttons
  • Remove Taskbar Buttons
  • Remove Taskbar
  • Resize the Thumbnail of Taskbar
  • Show Windows Version On Desktop
  • Enable Auto-Colorization
  • Disable Aero Peek Feature
  • Don’t Show Low Disk Space Warnings
  • Disable Info Tip For Shortcuts
  • Make Taskbar Button Switch To Last Active Window
  • Restore Last Opened Folders At Startup
  • Delete Pagefile At Shutdown
  • Disable Aero shake Feature
  • Hide Preview Pane
  • Disable AeroSnap Feature
  • Show Status Bar In File Explorer
  • Launch Folders in a Separate Process
  • Enable Check Boxes To Select Items
  • Remove Shortcut Arrows From Shortcut Icons
  • Disable Lock Screen
  • Enable Slideshow
  • Disable Changing Lock Screen Image
  • Enable Slideshow Even On Battery
  • Enable First Sign-In Animation When New User Account Is Created
  • Turn On SmartScreen Filter For Windows Store Apps
  • Disable “Look for an app in the Store” When Unknown File Type Is Opened
  • Disable “You have new apps that can open this type of file” Notification
  • Disable Toast Notifications
  • Lock Start Tiles So That They Can’t Be Rearranged
  • Show Sleep Option In Power Options
  • Show Lock Option / Sign Out Option In User Menu
  • Hide All Options Of Power Options
  • Disabling Start Animations to speed up opening and functioning of Start
  • Replace Windows PowerShell With Command Prompt On The WinX Menu
  • Enable Access To Camera On Lock Screen
  • Show “Frequent Folders” In Quick Access
  • Show “Recent Files” In Quick Access
  • Narrow Down Context Menus Of Desktop And File Explorer
  • Use New Battery Flyout
  • Use New Date && Time Pane Flyout
  • Use New Volume Control In Notify Area
  • Add or Remove System / Power Options / Network and Sharing Center / Folder Options / Troubleshooting / Programs and Features / Recycle Bin / Action Center / System Restore / Display / OneDrive / Control Panel / User Accounts / Personalization in This PC.

User Accounts

You can tweak the following:

  • Display Last Logon Information On Logon Screen
  • Make User Enter Username While Logging On
  • Remove Shutdown Tasks From Logon Screen
  • Disable Updating Group Policy On Startup
  • Disable Switching To Secure Desktop While Elevating
  • Enable Virtualize File And Registry Write Failures To Per-User Locations
  • Enable Admin Approval Mode For Built-In Administrator Account
  • Enable Detections Of Application Installation And Prompt For Elevation
  • Enable Verbose Logon Messages
  • Require Users To Press CTRL+ALT+DEL To Logon
  • Enable / Disable Built-In Administrator Account
  • Change User Account Control Settings
  • What should do after system failure


You can do the following tweaks:

  • Set waiting time to kill applications timeout during shutdown / to end services at
  • Shutdown / to kill non-responding applications (in milliseconds)
  • Auto-End Non-Responsive Programs
  • Restart Shell Automatically After Some Error
  • Always Unload DLLs To Free Up Memory
  • Disable Automatic Folder View Discovery
  • Turn Off Search Indexer
  • Increase Priority Of IRQ8
  • Disable Smooth Scrolling / Windows Time Service / Tablet Input Service / Windows
  • Security Center Service / Prefetch Service / Superfetch Service / Printer Spooling Service

Security & Privacy

  • Disable Registry Editor / Control Panel / Task Manager / WinKey Shortcuts / Command Prompt / Color And Appearance Settings / Administrative Shares (e.g. ADMIN$) / User Account Control
  • Disable The Auto Logon Shift Override Feature
  • Disable The Ability To Shutdown / Sign Out
  • Disable Internet Communication / System Restore Configuration / MMC Snap-ins / File Explorer Options Menu / Encrypting File System
  • Disable Explorer’s Context Menu / Access To Taskbar Context Menu / Access To Taskbar And Start Menu Properties / Windows Error Reporting / Windows Defender / OneDrive
  • Disable Changing Wallpaper
  • Turn Off User Tracking
  • Disable Display Personalization
  • Disable Windows Mobility Center / Disable Windows Store
  • Disable Windows Update Service to Disable Automatic Update of Windows

You can do the several changes in Internet Explorer and Context Menu also.

You can also enhance or tweak the security of Windows 10 operating system by using Ashampoo AntiSpy, Win10 SpyStop, O&O ShutUp10Privacy HideDestroy Windows Spying, and Win.Privacy freeware tools. You can download Ultimate Windows Tweaker from here.


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