The latest operating system from Microsoft, the Windows 10 comes with quite a lot of new features and improvements. There are many tweaks you can do on Windows 10 to customize it, using Settings app. Various modification can be done using registry which is not an easy task for novice users.

Win10 Wizard is a free all-in-one configuration tool for Windows 10 that let you tweak various privacy and security settings that are not easily accessible from the standard Windows 10 settings.


The Win10 Wizard freeware provides tweaks in different categories. It is divided into six parts : Privacy, Location Services, Security, Themes, Reclamation, Device & App Compatibility.

With the help of this tool, you can check for Windows 10 upgrade issues related to drivers, applications, and extensions. Once you have upgraded from Win 7 / Win 8 to Windows 10, you can reclaim hard disk space.

The app allows us to configure biometrics, sharing of data, Cortana data collection, app access to the camera, location services and other features that may be related to security or privacy issues. You can enable dark theme if you are not running the latest build of Windows 10.



Under Privacy category, you can disable or enable the following:

  • Sharing of Handwriting data
  • Inventory collector
  • Camera in Logon Screen
  • Rest Advertising ID and info
  • App access to User Account Information
  • Transmission of Typing Information
  • App Notifications
  • App access to calendar
  • App access to Camera
  • App access to Microphone
  • App access to Messages
  • Biometrical Features
  • Access to local language for browsers
  • Smart screen filter for URL’s
  • Cortana Reset
  • Input personalization
  • Feedback Reminders
  • Windows 10 Search Extension with Bing
  • One Drive

Location Services


You can enable / disable the following:

  • Functionality to locate the System
  • Sensors for locating the System
  • Windows GeoLocations Services
  • Application access to your Location



You can enable / disable the following:

  • Password Reveal
  • User steps recorder
  • Telemetry
  • WiFi Sense
  • WiFi Sense for my Contacts
  • App access to Wireless connections
  • App access to Loosely coupled devices
  • Internet access to Windows Media Digital rights management
  • Windows update via Peer-to-peer

Theme Customization


Under Theme Customization category, you can enable or disable the following:

  • Dark Theme
  • Windows 10 Volume Control
  • Windows 10 battery indicator
  • Windows 10 Action Center sidebar
  • Windows 10 Network flyout
  • Windows 10 default Logon Screen Background Image
  • Windows 10 Clock and Calender version
  • Windows 10 Start Menu
  • Start Menu transparent



You can claim your hard disk by running Disk Cleanup tool.

Device & App Compatibility


Under this wizard, you can find out which drivers are not installed, if any applications were removed, and if any extensions were re-associated.

Anytime if you feel that, you have made some wrong settings, there is a “Reset to Windows Defaults” button to restore the settings back. You can download Win10 Wizard from here.

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