Every person wants to protect the private data or sensitive information. There are some ways through which you can protect Windows folder or drive and over the internet also there are several freeware applications available that can protect or hide your private data. Hidden Disk is one of the popular free apps that lets Windows users create a password protected drive which can be hidden.

Hidden Disk allows you to create an additional / virtual drive in Windows 10, in which you can put the personal data and can be locked with a password. Once you put all the secret data in the virtual disk, make it hidden to hide from other users.

hidden-diskThe application comes with a simple interface. Once you click on “Create disk X”, it creates a new virtual disk with letter ‘X’, which can be seen under ‘This PC / Computer’.


This Local Disk (X) is virtual disk and takes storage from your primary disk.

Once you have added all the files and folders, click “Create / update password” to protect it from other users.


Twice enter the password, also provide the email address, in case you forget it you can recover the password of your virtual disk. After putting the required information, click on Create password button.

If any time, you want to delete this virtual disk, just click disable disk X, which means it will be not available in This PC / Computer, and also all files and folders inside the virtual disk will be deleted.

Hidden Disk takes a few seconds to create a disk, and a few seconds to hide. Once you format the driver or Windows, you will be not able to remove the files. It is a simple and powerful tool to hide files as well as folders in Windows and also free of cost. It is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Win 7 / 8 / 10, both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems. You can download Hidden Disk from here.

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