Idea, Airtel, and Vodafone have launched a new MiFi router in India, the Alcatel Link Zone MW40CJ. The device can be easily unlocked as it comes with un-customized firmware. You need a correct NCK to unlock it. Once the device is unlocked, you are free to use any another network SIM card, including Jio.

To enter into the configuration page of the MW40CJ, you have to connect it with PC using USB cable.


The most amazing thing about this device is there is no reset button. Means, if you forget the login password, it will be difficult for you.

Update: Press and Power and WPS button simultaneously. The device will be restarted and password will be resetted to its default.

(For Indian customers unlock code charge is Rs. 400. Indian customers can pay at payumoney. Airtel MW40CJ, Idea MW40CJ, Vodafone MW40CJ and Vodafone R217 are supported at present.)

How to Create a New Profile in Idea MW40CJ Alcatel WiFi Router?

1. Connect the Alcatel Idea MW40CJ to PC with USB cable.

2. Browse its default IP address in Internet Explorer.Login into the device with admin details.

3. Login into the device with admin details.

4. Click Connection > Profile Management.


5. Here, you can see the message that you can create a maximum of 15 profile. Below that some buttons are available: New, Edit, Save, Create and Set Default.

To create a new profile, click “New” button.


6. Now fill the information like:

Profile Name: routerunlock

Dial Number: *99#

APN: According to the network provider

7. Leave other fields blank.

8. Click on Save button.

9. Finally, click Set Default.

Now, you have successfully created a new profile.

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