System Restore point allows restoring your operating system to the previous state in case you are having some issues or problems on Windows. It can be only done if you have created a system restore point when your PC is working properly.

Restore Point Creator is a freeware and portable app for Windows that lets you create or manage restore points effortlessly on your PC. Restore Point Creator simplifies the way users create system restore points with the help of Windows’ default features and also provides some additional options.

restore-point-creatorRestore Point Creator lets you create a system restore point by simply clicking on “Create System Checkpoint” button. You can delete or restore any restore point by right-clicking and select the appropriate options.

system-restore-optionsYou can use this app to create a system restore point, delete previous system restore point, restore to selected restore point in safe mode, and can also be used in the command menu.

system-restore-point-utilitiesThrough the ‘System Restore Point Utilities’ menu, you can perform some advanced tasks, like : Mount volume shadow copy, Check Windows power plan settings, Delete restore points, View system disk space usage, Manage System restore point storage space, Schedule creation of system restore points, Application event log, and also can check for updates of this tool.


You can perform some additional tasks through “Program Options/Settings” menu. It lets you configure backup / restore, set progress bar color, delete old restore points, create restore points at user login, configure proxy, set windows power plan for wake timers back to default, keep X amount of restore points, set default custom restore point name, message box notification options, use SSL, and use HTTP compression.

The Restore Point Creator is compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.x, and Windows 10. To run it you need Microsoft .NET Framework v4.0 installed in your PC. You can download this free utility from here.


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