V4 Huawei devices IMEI can be changed / repaired using the command. But what about if you want to change the Serial No. of Huawei routers / modems, or want to repair lost serial No. of the devices.

In this post, we will see how to change / repair lost Serial No. of Huawei V4 devices (E5577, E5578 etc).

How to change / repair Serial No. of Huawei V4 devices (E5577, E5578 etc)?

  1. Detect the device under DC unlocker tool.

2. Go at the end of the result and paste the following :

AT^DATALOCK=”data lock code”

Note: Replace the “data lock code” with an 8-digit code of according to your IMEI. Press enter from the keyboard. Response from the DC unlocker app should be OK, means you have entered into the security part of the device.

Now again type the following command :

AT^NVWR=6,16,HEX (with Spaces)

When the full command is ready, just press Enter from the keyboard.

3. Response from the command will be OK.

Now you have successfully repaired the device.

How to generate the HEX code value corresponding to the serial No.?

  1. Download Hex Editor Neo (It is free of cost for personal use).

2. Install in PC and run it.

Free Hex Editor Neo3. Click File > New.

Free Hex Editor Neo - new file4. Here you will get two parts. On right side when you will type, it will keep converting its Hex values on the left side.

Hex Editor Neo - two partse.g. we are typing SL489L and it is converting the values to 53 4c 34 38 39 4c

Hex Editor Neo - generating of Hex values5. Once you have typed it, you have got the Hex values on the left side.

6. Keep left mouse pressed and drag it to select the Hex values.

7. Now right click and copy it.

8. Replace the above command with your Hex values.

9. Now use the command.

Good Luck!!!

Big thanks to Koushik Kodali for sharing this knowledge.


  1. Datalock code can only get after flashing the firmware with universal one.

    How plz give clear process total confusion data lock code generated and we’re we can generate it ..pllzz

  2. Hi Kamlesh, I have flashed my E5573s-606 with E5573_Update_21. and the modem is not detecting on PC. only a CD drive is showing on connecting to USB. Please help to resolve.

  3. Good morning Kamlesh.

    Are Huawei E5575S-210WS and Huawei E8378-210WS unlock code Out Now!?!

    Directly unlock or hash code and change firmware from 3 to huawei no brand is request?

    How much does unlock process costs for these devices?


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