I have already provided unlocking solution of Huawei E5730 router. But, if your device has customized firmware, means modem is not asking you for unlock code, then you need to change the firmware, before proceeding with unlocking steps.

Huawei E5730 MOBI-Fi router gateway
Huawei E5730 MOBI-Fi router gateway

How to change the firmware of Huawei E5730 Power Bank router?

  1. Connect your E5730 to PC with its default USB cable.

2. Let it open the browser with default address.

3. Disconnect internet, close the browser and also disable the WiFi (if your PC / laptop has WiFi).

4. Now download the correct Huawei E5730 firmware and WebUI update.

Note: For unlocking of the device, always use universal firmware.

5. Unzip it in a folder.

6. Run the firmware / webUI update.

7. It will ask you for password.

8. Input here firmware code as password.

Note: Comment below with model and IMEI to get the firmware password free.

9. Now, wait till finish.

10. Now your device has unlocked firmware.

11. Proceed with above unlocking link to unlock the E5730.


  1. hello, i’v e got a e5730s-2.
    i bought it in germany from famose shop.
    but sms and other stuff is not really working.
    firmware is actualy
    which country is this firmware?
    do you have alternative firmware which might work in germany?
    how to install this firmware?

    kind regards

  2. IMEI: 862868022021965

    MODEL : E5730s-2

    my modem is an MTN Irancell modem. witch framware should i download to unlock it?

    thank you so much

  3. I need firmware password
    Pls help me
    IMEI : 862868022237181
    Serial NR. : N2VBY14B05002348
    Firmware :
    Modem model : huawei e5730s-2

  4. IMEI: 862868020726821
    Serial Number: N2VBY14319001122
    Hardware version: CH1E5730SM
    Software version:
    Web UI version:

  5. Hi,
    First thanks for your assistance.
    Nom de l’appareil : E5730
    IMEI: 862868022818261
    SN : N2VDU15911001977
    Hardware Version : CH1E5730SM
    Software Version :
    Web UI version :

  6. I need the firmware password for E5730S-2 Please
    IMEI: 862868022016312
    And what firmware and web.ui do I need to download?
    Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.
    I’ll be back at your email with $6 deposit confirmation to get the unlock code.

  7. I have a E5730s-2 IMEI No 862868021107328 Unlocked Version. It was working fine, just did not have USSD, and so i thought I will flash only the Webui to get the USSD option.
    I used this file.
    After flashing the WEBUI the web-interface opens but it does not take the admin password at all.
    I tried Username : admin and Passwords : admin / admin123 / password but none of these work.
    I even reset it with a pin still no luck. After Resetting the SSID was reset and SSID password printed at the back are working and can connect wirelessly.
    But I just cannot login as admin.
    Can you give me some ideas how to fix this.

  8. hi , I need the firmware password for E5730S-2 Please
    IMEI: 862868022017740
    change to E5730s-2 Update Universal

  9. hello dear Kamlesh Kumar
    please firmware password

    Device Information on ( MTN IRANCELL )
    Device name: E5730s-2
    IMEI: 862868022017831
    Hardware version: CH1E5730SM
    Software version:
    Web UI version: