CDMA workshop cracked version is very famous because of its features. CDMA Workshop tool is paid service, so we use CDMA workshop tool cracked version to unlock ZTE and Huawei CDMA EVDO dongle. I have previously written about unlocking solution of Tata Photon Max EC306 EVDO CDMA Modem Dongle. You can Unlock Ukraine Intertelecom Huawei EC122 CDMA Modem Dongle also. You can also unlock Huawei EC226 visafone cdma2000 EV-DO REV.A modem dongleReliance EC1260 CDMA 3G dongle modem datacard broadbandEC156 Tata Photon Plus Huawei 3G CMDA EVDO Modem DongleTata Photon EC152 CDMA EVDO dongle modem datacardEC1561 Huawei CMDA EVDO Modem DongleVisafone EC168 Huawei 3G CMDA EVDO Modem DongleEC1262 Huawei 3G CMDA EVDO Modem DongleEC121 Huawei 3G CMDA EVDO Modem Dongle.


Recently some of CDMA modem users while unlocking his CDMA modem using CDMA workshop too, he was unable to connect to CDMA workshop tool as in his PC connected modem port was higher than 25. CDMA workshop tool is very old and it supports only upto 25 ports. So, various people was unable to unlock his CDMA EVDO modem using CDMA workshop tool cracked version.


If in your PC modem is detected higher than COM port 25 then you can use the following guidelines :


1. Right click on Computer (My Computer) and click on manage. After that expand Ports (COM & LPT). Here you will get details of all connected devices port info.

Computer Management
Computer Management

2. Choose any port which COM port number you want to change and right click on it and select properties.

COM port properties
COM port properties

3. Click on port settings.

COM port properties - Port Settings
COM port properties – Port Settings

4. Click on Advanced.

Advanced settings for COM port
Advanced settings for COM port

5. Here click on COM Port Number and choose which is not in use.


Now you can follow the rest of unlocking procedure.


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