When we had created a new blog in blogger.com, we had used the default template or design to make our blog live. But, as soon as you will build some posts, you might want to change the default design. In this post, we will see how to change blogger design.

How to Change Blogger Blog Template or Design?

1. Login to the blogger account.

2. You will see your blog description.

Right to your blog, click the drop down menu. You will see here Overview, Posts, Pages, Comments, Stats, Earnings, Campaigns, Layout, Template and Settings.

Click on Template to change the design of your blog.

3. Here you can see the live preview of your blog for desktop as well as mobile.

Below that you can see the various Template sections : Simple, Dynamic Views , Picture Window , Awesome Inc., Watermark , Ethereal , and Travel.

Every section of Templates has its own pre-defined designs.

Click on any, which you want to choose.

live-preview-of-blog4. It will show the Live Preview of selected Template.


5. Once you are satisfied with the new design, click “Apply to Blog”.

Now your new design / template has been applied.

To make the blog professional in looking, you might want to remove the Navbar.

Finally, you need to follow SEO tips to improve the ranking and drive more traffic:


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