What is the Difference Between CDMA and GSM Modem ? – Various networks provider specially in India launches CDMA as well as GSM modems. Here, I will not discuss technical language, I will discuss here benefits. Recently I have got success in finding the unlocking solution of various Huawei CDMA Evdo modems, after that I decided to share with my blog readers. As you may already know that CDMA users can not use any GSM network providers sim in his modem. But, you are thinking wrong and it is possible to unlock CDMA modems also as well GSM modems. After unlocking CDMA modems you can not only use CDMA sim or network but also you can use the GSM sim or network sim also in the same modem. It is only one time work to unlock and after unlock you can enjoy both inbuilt CDMA network and also other GSM sim. I am trying to say that suppose you have purchased the E156 Tata Photon+ Modem of Huawei Company or brand. Now after unlocking the E156 Tata Photon+ Modem, you can use another network provider sim like Reliance, MTS, Airtel, Aircel, Tata Docomo, BSNL, Vodafone etc. 
DC unlocker - Huawei CDMA Modems Unlocker Client v 1.0033
DC unlocker – Huawei CDMA Modems Unlocker Client v 1.0033
Yes you are reading write thing and you have write place to unlock your CDMA modems of various companies. When you will put GSM sim then your modem will automatically start working like a GSM sim and when you want to use inbuilt CDMA network then just eject the GSM sim from your CDMA modem / dongle and you will start getting network of CDMA modems. Now, what you will prefer to puchase CDMA modem / dongle or GSM modem / dongle. I am sure after reading this post you will try to purchase the CDMA modem / dongle. 
Currently I am supporting the following Huawei CDMA modems / dongles to unlock for free, but in future I will not provide unlocking CDMA modems for free. The list of supported CDMA modems are :

Through above mentioned link you can unlock all types of network provider CDMA modems as mentioned in the article. Eg. – Airtel, Aircel, Reliance, BSNL, Tata Photon, Tata Docomo, Idea, Vodafone or what ever you can find out the modem. More supported models coming soon. To get updated tips and tricks subscribe for feedburner.

Update : After unlocking the CDMA EVDO modem, only CDMA sim will work, no any GSM sim will work on that.


However, there is option available in CDMA workshop tool, “GSM on 1x”

GSM on 1x
GSM on 1x

I have tried to convert GSM modem into CDMA modem through R-UIM only, NV only, R-UIM if avail and also tried GSM on 1x. Settings gets successfully updated. But, there is no affect on the modem. You can try with your’s , if any good result kindly share.


  1. I have ZTE AC2766. DC locker does not support this modem. i have unlocked it through second method you mentioned, and it got unlocked but still it does not support gsm sims. could you help me something? i have search it on internet and found that CDMA does not support gsm sims but as you are claiming that it do support gsm sims, so if you could help me regarding this i would greatful to you for this, plz