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ZTE Vodafone R212z Mobile Wi-Fi Router Features, Specifications, Reviews

ZTE Vodafone R212-Z Mobile Wi-Fi Router is another 4G product by Vodafone company. It is actually factory model ZTE MF93E, which has been modified by Vodafone and branded it as R212z. Here, Z sign is for ZTE company. Vodafone R212 MiFi router highest speed in 4G LTE network is 150 Mbps and upload speed is 50 Mbps which is equal to Vodafone K5008z. But, ZTE Vodafone R212 supports WiFi and you can connect upto 10 wireless devices at once, whereas Vodafone K5008z product has no WiFi and you can use only internet on only one PC at a time.

Vodafone Mobile Wi-Fi R212 router
Vodafone Mobile Wi-Fi R212 router

Dimensions : 97.5 X 54 X 19.7mm
Weight : ~150g
Screen : 1.45 inch TFT. Resolution:128 X 128
Platform (OS) : Linux
Chipset : Qualcomm MDM 9215
Memory : 256 MB
Battery Capacity : 2800mAH
Networks : LTE, UMTS & EDGE/GPRS
Features : Class-4 micro SD-Card reader
Key USP : Low cost LTE WiFi Hotspot with 2nd generation 28nm Chipset with a high capacity battery.Dual band WiFi with support for 802.11n MIMO


The key features and specifications of ZTE Vodafone R212z Mobile Wi-Fi Router :


1. Modified Model : Vodafone R212

2. Factory Model : ZTE MF93E

3. Type : Mobile WiFi Hotspot

4. Weight : ~150g

5. Dimensions : 97.5 X 54 X 19.7mm

6. Processor : Qualcomm MDM 9215

7. ROM : 256 MB NAND

8. RAM : 128 MB SDRAM

9. Download and Upload Speed :

LTE 150 Mbps /50 Mbps
UMTS 42.2 Mbps /5.76 Mbps
EDGE 296Kbps/177 Kbps

10. SD card reader : Max. 32GB

11. Battery : 2800mAH

12. Battery Operation time on full charge : 3G up to 4,4 hours (10 users) , 4G up to 4,1 hours (10 users)

13. Standby time 3G/4G : Up to 200 hours

14. SIM card form factor : 2FF

15. Screen Type : 1.45” TFT LCD

16. Screen Resolution : 128×128 Mpix

17. OS :Windows, Mac, Linux and Android supported

18. Extra features : Dual Stack IPv6 & IPv4 , Web-UI , Monitor APP

19. Network Access :

LTE : 800/1800/2600MHz
UMTS : 850/900/1800/2100MHz
GSM : Quad-band, 850/900/1800/1900

20. Text : SMS

21. WLAN : 802.11b/g/n 2.4 & 5 GHz, WEP+WPA+WPA2

22. USB : USB High Speed 2.0 support


ZTE Vodafone R212 Mobile Wi-Fi Router is a nice device and unlocked Vodafone R212z device online price is 279$, which is quite right for Vodafone R212 MiFi router. Before proceeding to purchase it, you might to check out some D-link routers.

Download Firmware of ZTE MF61 Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot

ZTE has recently launched its new router, the ZTE MF61. It comes in U.S.A. with T-Mobile network. You can create your own personal hotspot on the go with the T-Mobile MF61 4G Mobile Hotspot to get high-speed Internet on up to 5 Wi-Fi devices, using a single mobile broadband connection. In this article, we will share features, specification and firmware update.

ZTE MF61 Mobile WiFi Hotspot
ZTE MF61 Mobile WiFi Hotspot

The main features and specifications of ZTE MF61 Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot:


1. Dimension :  3.93″x 2.11″x0.54″

2. Weight :  2.64 oz

3. OLED Screen: indication of signal strength, Roam status, Wi-Fi, battery, WAN Connection mode and status, SPN, etc.

4. Supported Operating System :  Windows XP (SP2 and later), Windows Vista (32bit), Windows Vista (64bit), Windows 7, MAC (10.4 later)

5. Battery Capacity :  1500mAh

6. Up Time :  About 4 Hours

7. Standby Time :  100 Hours

6. Frequencies :  GSM/GPRS: 1900 MHz;UMTS: Band IV (1700/2100) GSM/EDGE/WCDMA/HSDPA/HSUPA/HSPA+

7. Data Speed :  Maximum download speed: 21.6Mb/s and upload upto 5.76Mb/s

8. Weight :  802.11 b/g


Firmware updates for ZTE MF61 are available for both Windows and MAC by T-Mobile network provider, which can be downloaded from the download link which is provided at the end of the article.


How to update the firmware of ZTE MF61 Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot?


1. Make sure your device is fully charged or connected to constant power supply.

2. Power on your MF61 and connect it to a free USB port on your computer.

3. If you have never connected your device before, you may be asked to complete installation of the “Mobile HotSpot Admin Tool” – Please complete this in order to install drivers needed to continue the update process.

4. Now Run the upgrade utility which you have already downloaded.

5. Follow the prompts on the upgrade utility to install the new firmware to your 4G Mobile HotSpot.
NOTE: Once the update has started, do not unplug your ZTE MF61 or power off the computer until the update has completed.


Download ZTE MF61 T-Mobile USA MACV1.00.05 (MAC OS)

Download T-Mobile ZTE MF61 4G Mobile Hotspot Upgrade Utility Ver 1.0.5 (Windows)

Download MDMA latest version – a Mobile Data Monitoring Application

MDMA stands for Mobile Data Monitoring Application. MDMA tool is very famous because of its features. I had already written article about MDMA tool here and I had shared Mobile Data Monitoring Application Version also. On 21 Aug 2013 MDMA – a Mobile Data Monitoring Application released his latest version and now it is available for download. Download link of MDMA – a Mobile Data Monitoring Application version is available at the end of the article.

MDMA - a Mobile Data Monitoring Application version
MDMA – a Mobile Data Monitoring Application version

Instructions to use MDMA – a Mobile Data Monitoring Application  :


Before running MDMA make sure you have no other applications or dashboards open that might be using your data device’s communications port. Many dashboard applications drop the connection when you close them; you can use Ctrl-Alt-Del to pop up the Windows Task Manager, select the dashboard application and click on the End Task button, and your internet connection will remain open. When you are finished with MDMA you can close it without dropping your connection and open your dashboard again. Doing this will keep your data counters running. You can use your dashboard application or MDMA to keep track of your usage, but not both. Be sure to disconnect your internet connection from the program in which you wish to track your usage. Most dashboard applications use the autorun mechanism to start their dashboard when the modem is inserted, to temporarily stop this behaviour, hold down the
Shift key down while inserting the modem. For a more permanent fix, you can disable autorun in your registry or prevent the emulated CD-ROM from being assigned a drive letter in Disk Management.
Additionally, some recent dashboards also install a service that starts their dashboard, simply disable thse services to prevent his behaviour. Service names to look out for are ‘DCservice.exe’, ‘Vodafone Mobile Broadband Service’ and ‘UI Assistant Service’.


Features of MDMA – a Mobile Data Monitoring Application


APN group

You can view and set your default APN here, much easier than using a modem initialization string. If your modem does not have a default APN configured, it is automatically set to ‘internet’.

USSD Commands

Various dashboard does not come with USSD features. With the help of MDMA too, you can enter USSD commands here, these are commands in the form *123# that are normally entered on your mobile phones’s keypad. Clicking on ‘USSD Help’ will display a brief listing of some USSD commands offered by your operator (if available). Sending a USSD command creates a session, some USSD services are billable, when you are finished, click the End Session button. USSD commands that don’t require any further input automatically end the session, in which case the End Session remains greyed out. You can send multiple USSD commands sepeated by commas, for example: *111#,1,6 for Vodacom pre-paid data bundle balance. MDMA will wait for a response before sending the next command.

Cellular Broadcast Messages

Received cellular broadcast messages such as cell info, weather reports and base staion info are shown here. Not all operators provide 3G cell broadcasts, you might need to switch your evice in GPRS/EDGE Only mode to receive them.

Device Info

This interrogates your data device and SIM card, not all devices and SIM cards provide all of the information.

Reset Device

This instructs your device to do a full reset, you should notice that the device disappears from your operating system and gets detected again. Some older cards or drivers do not recover from a full reset gracefully and require you to restart your computer before they become operational again.

Connect / Disconnect

This allows you to connect and disconnect from the internet using a network device (NDIS) or a dial-up networking (RAS) connection. MDMA will use NDIS if available, otherwise fall back to RAS by executing ‘rasphone.exe -d MDMA’. Rasphone is a command line tool for dial-up networking which is part of your Windows installation. You must have a dial-up networking connection named ‘MDMA’ otherwise you will see the following message: ‘Error 623: The system could not find the phone book entry for this connection.’.The behavior can be changed to that of older versions of MDMA ( and earlier) by using the /dialmode command line switch (see command line options below). When you are online the button changes to Disconnect which disconnects the modem in the proper manner and reset the data counters for the current session and adds to the totals. (Huawei devices only)

Band Config

This allows you finer control of the bands used by the modem than the Connection Type described above. Depending on your modem, you can enable and disable individual or groups of bands, e.g. GSM 900, UMTS 2100. This is currently available for Huawei and Sierra Wireless modems. Band configuration of ZTE modems is currently disabled due to reports of these modems not enabling UMTS 900 when set to default settings. This can be enabled using a command line switch (at your own risk!).


Command line options

/? displays command line help

/port:COM<x> skip device autodetection and use the specified port
if /commandset is not specified, only 3GPP standard commands are used

/commandset specify which command set to use (overriding the automatically
detected command set)
<command set> may be one of:
Standard, Huawei, Option, Novatel, Sierra, Nokia, ZTE, Icera
or Longcheer

/ussd:<mode> specify the USSD decoding mode, the default is automatic,
<mode> may be: Plain, PDU, Hybrid (send Plain/receive PDU),
Packed7 or Unicode

/opsel:<mccmnc> select manual or automatic network operator selection
where <mccmnc> is the network operator’s MCC/MNC for manual,
or 0 for automatic

/sessionlog keeps a log of data used per session

/speedlog keeps a log of signal information and transfer speeds

/diaglog enable diagnostic logging

/hexqos enables display of QoS values in raw hexadecimal format

/nopollcid disables Cell ID polling (debug)

/nocbm: do not enable CBM reception (debug)

/hwunlock:<code> send 6 or 8-digit network operator unlock code (Huawei only)

/hwstorage:<x> send ^U2DIAG command to control emulated CD-ROM and
Micro-SD card (Huawei only)
values of <x> for most devices:
0: disable CD-ROM and Micro-SD
1: enable CD-ROM only
255: enable CD-ROM and Micro-SD
256: enable Micro-SD only

/zstorage:<x> send +ZCDRUN command to control emulated CD-ROM and
Micro-SD card (ZTE only)
some known values of <x>:
8: disable autorun (modem appears when plugged in)
9: enable autorun (only CD-ROM appears when plugged in)
E: enable download mode (CD-ROM does not appear when
plugged in)
F: disable download mode (CD-ROM appears when plugged in)

/zband: enable band configuration dialog (ZTE only)

/swregion:<x> set PRL region for band scanning (Sierra Wireless only)
some known values of <x>:
0: All Regions
1: Europe
2: North America
3: Australia
4: Japan

/dialmode:<mode> specify the dial mode, where <mode> may be on of:
Auto use NDISDUP if available, or a RAS connection named
MDMA (default)
RAS pop up a dialog for choosing a RAS connection as in
MDMA and earlier
MDMA only use a RAS connection named MDMA


Download MDMA - a Mobile Data Monitoring Application version (8.4 KiB, 8742 downloads)

Download DC-Unlocker – ZTE Qualcomm modems Flasher v. to unlock ZTE MF180, ZTE MF190 and ZTE MF190U

Download DC-Unlocker –  ZTE Qualcomm modems Flasher v. to unlock ZTE MF180, ZTE MF190 and  ZTE MF190U – As you may already know that DC Unlocker is the best services to unlock ZTE and Huawei modems and Routers. The DC unlocker team has just released DC-Unlocker –  ZTE Qualcomm modems Flasher v. to unlock ZTE MF180, ZTE MF190 and  ZTE MF190U which download link is provided at the end of the article.
ZTE Qualcomm Writer - DC Unlocker
ZTE Qualcomm Writer – DC Unlocker

What is new in DC-Unlocker – ZTE Qualcomm modems Flasher v.

-Unlock customized modems by rewriting firmware (like INDIA Airtel, IDEA, TATA, SMARTBRO, TELMA and etc..) .
-Write firmware and dashboard
-Support area with many fimwares for ZTE Qualcomm modems.
-Auto backup NV Items
-Restore NV Items
-Repair modems (can be repaired if modem is visible by pc, required one port)

Supported models :

ZTE MF190 

Note for DC ZTE Qualcomm Unlocker users :

  1. MF190 has 2 hardware versions
  2. 64K and 128K nand firmware are not compatible!!! If not compatible nand firmware updated, modem will be bricked. It will be possible to repair only with JTAG.
  3. MF190 IDEA has 64K nand flash
  4. Mf190 Tata and MF190U Airtel has 128K nand.
  5. Before updating firmware, please ensure that firmware file size is correct for modem.

Download DC-Unlocker –  ZTE Qualcomm modems Flasher v. to unlock ZTE MF180, ZTE MF190 and  ZTE MF190U

ZTE Modem Dongle Firmware (Old and New ZTE) Download Links Free Available Now

Recently I have started Huawei New Algo and Huawei old algo firmware download section. Today we have started the firmware download section for ZTE modems, because various people are daily approaching for various types of firmwares of ZTE modem / dongle. From now onward all firmware will be shared in this page. Now you can get all types of firmware download links which is related to ZTE dongle / modem / routers in one page. We will try to update it daily as soon as possible with all new models.
BSNL ZTE MF180 modem connection manager
BSNL ZTE MF180 modem connection manager
Download ZTE K4505-Z Modem Firmware_Update DL_K4505-z_VDF_DE

Firmware modem ZTE MF102 DL_MF102_COMVIQ_SE_EUV1.00.00

Firmware modem ZTE MF620 
ZTE MF620 TMN PT EN Update_Tool_ZTE_MF620_7.2mbpsV1.03.00_setup

Firmware modem ZTE MF192 from the operator Orange 

Firmware modem ZTE MF652 from the operator MTS MTS_RUS_MF652V1.0.0B04

Firmware modem ZTE MF192 Native firmware of 
operator MTS with removed check compatibility DL_MF192V1.00.00

Firmware modem ZTE MF192 MF192DLV10000 
This firmware restores modem ZTE MF192 

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Download New DC-unlocker client software V1.00.1018 latest Free

DC Unlocker team is really rocking and the DC unlocker team is now supporting various types of modems and router of ZTE and Huawei company. DC Unlocker is working hard and now again launched the supports of various new models. The download link for the latest version DC-unlocker client software V1.00.1018 is provided at the end of the article.
airtel dc unlocker
dc unlocker software
In the latest version of DC-unlocker client software V1.00.1018 the team has added the following:

Supported Modems:

Huawei E3251 Hilink
Huawei E359
Huawei T353
ZTE Vodafone K4505-Z
ZTE Vodafone K5006-Z
Longcheer WM72 (new modification LQA00D8.1.2_MG66)

Supported Routers:

Huawei Vodafone R208
Huawei B200
Huawei B932
Huawei E5756
ZTE Vodafone R203-Z

Embedded modules:

Huawei EM920

Customized modems:

Huawei E1731 Jan 31 2013 15:02:49 (Airtel India)


Direct access to support.


Note: Users who want to unlock above mentioned Huawei Models Routers and Modems / Dongles in cheap rates (Modem unlock charge is 1.50$ and router unlock charge is 2.38$) can pay through PayPal button. While paying mention model with IMEI in the transaction.

Note II: Factory unlock code of ZTE modems, routers and phones are also available in 10USD.

Download DC-unlocker client software V1.00.1018