BeeDoctor is freeware tool, that offers many features in a single suite, which is aimed for optimizing and protecting your Windows computer. It is combines with an advanced system clean up mechanism, Avira antivirus, software acceleration module and PC optimization tools.

BeeDoctor for Windows PC

BeeDoctor is basically divided into four sections – Cleaner, Speed Up, Antivirus and Uninstaller.

BeeDoctor – Cleaner

BeeDoctor - Cleaner

BeeDoctor Cleaner is a just cleaner that can perform a deep scan to find and remove unused items that are not required anymore by the computer. It also offers “Auto Clean” option when your PC is idle. Means, when auto clean will be enabled, it it will clean the junk files from you PC automatically.

Magic Ball option will display a widget on the right side. By pressing once this will free up memory.

After finishing the process of cleaning of junk files, it will create a detailed log which have been cleared. It also list down all items that were removed, which can also be restored back, if required. The detailed log stores the information about the removed files for few days, after which it is deleted permanently.

BeeDoctor – Speed Up

BeeDoctor - Speed Up

Speed up option will optimize boot time, startup items and suggests clean up tasks which are required. An option to disable or enable running task or services is also available.

BeeDoctor – Antivirus

BeeDoctor - Antivirus

BeeDoctor comes with an Avira Antivirus, that protects your computer from active malware threats and offers real time protection. It offers three types of scanning methods : Quick scan, Full scan and Scan in…., all are powered by Avira antivirus.

Quick scan : It scans common files and folders.
Full scan : Runs a detailed scan on every files and folders on your PC.
Scan in: It offers a custom scan on selected files/folders when required. You can add pre-specified files/folders to trusted list as well, if you don’t want to scan particular folder / files.

BeeDoctor – Uninstaller

BeeDoctor - Uninstaller

The inbuilt uninstaller tool comes with a deep cleaning mechanism to remove leftover registry items. When you will click on “Uninstaller” option, it will provide you info as size and last used date.

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