A Windows PC always needs to be cleaned as it leaves various junks. To speed up your computer, you need regular cleaning of your operating system. In my opinion, Windows operating system should be automatically cleaned after each restart, but not happening and we have to take the help of third-party software. There are several PC cleaning tools over the internet, out of which CCleaner is the best choice. Kaspersky has also developed the cleaner application, but it is still in Beta stage.

In this post, we will talk about AtomicCleaner. This program is lightweight and comes with a decent user interface.


Once you start this program, it automatically scans your computer and provides the option to full clean. It cleans Windows system / web browsers and games areas.

The AtomicCleaner is a free tool and is less than 2 MB in size. It can clean ‘document / computer / printer / stream / start menu’ cache, recent documents, thumbnail cache, recycle bin, temporary files, crash dump files, log files, windows error report files, font cache files and windows prefetch files.

Web Browser cleaning system is also smart. It provides separate options for each browser which are installed in your PC. It can clean internet cache, temporary internet files, browsing history, sessions, saved passwords and cookies.

It is 100% spyware free and can be used without problems. It offers lots of features to keep Windows running smoothly:

  • Complete Clean Up
  • Gaming Clean Up
  • Hundreds Of Supported Programs & Games
  • Advanced Cleaning Options
  • Regular Free Updates
  • Custom Cleaning Locations
  • Low CPU Usage

You can download AtomicCleaner from here.


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