This question might not come as that big of a surprise for a few of you as you might have asked this question to yourself when you had a thought of getting a new desktop. Apple is a well-renowned brand and people take Apple’s product of very high-value for the status. But, that’s not all the Apple has always been eager to provide what’s the best to its customers. Apple PC was given to the world by none other Steve Jobs and he named it ‘Macintosh’ mostly because of the merger Apple had. If you take a poll today obviously windows will easily beat Apple in terms of PC counts and usage, as Apple is more known for its mobiles and laptops.

Apple’s devices are more staggering in design as well as class, moreover, Windows is an OS that you can easily get under any brand, but Apple’s OS is limited to the company’s own products. Let’s take 3 points on why Apple Pcs are better than any other windows desktop.


1. It’s about the availability, look and feel: Though Windows is more widely available and thus easier to handle in case of problems but Apple’s limitation of OS to its Macs and MacBooks is what makes it so special as you know the things that are in lesser availability are of higher value. The simple logo Apple takes things to another level, people look at the screen it has an Apple logo and they are like “well Ok!!”. Moreover, Windows has been recently upgrading things and making them more touch friendly rather than desktop friendly. That’s where Apple beats it again, the OS installed in Macs is more keyboards and mouse friendly which makes you feel at ease while working.

2. Security and Problem handling: We often find our PC’s or desktops in problems when they are somehow affected by spyware or malware. It is known to everyone that Windows has more vulnerability to such viruses than Apple. The other factor is problem handling, while a windows PC is made of more than at least 3 different companies, as say the OS is from Microsoft, Monitor from Dell, Chipset from Intel etc. A Mac is completely an Apple product which means in the case of any ill-functioning you won’t have to run from one company to another.

3. The Cost & Durability: At the end, it all comes down to this sole factor ‘the cost’. Now we know that Apple is expensive and it will cost you extra money to get the same features you would get in a Windows PC for a much less amount, but paying that extra sum will be worth it. In the case of durability, it is noticed that Apple PCs last longer than that of windows and are more cost effective overall because of their high-end hardware components (have a good value upon reselling). Moreover, Windows mostly puts charges to its new OS updates while Apple users get every new update for free.

These three were the foremost and basic points that make Apple PCs better than Windows, the rest is up to you.