There is a common misconception about the necessity of antivirus software for modern computers. It is to be cleared that an antivirus software is very much important and necessary for maintaining your computer’s health. Viruses may affect your system in various ways and installing a paid antivirus software is absolutely essential for ensuring that your computer stays protected and does not malfunction.

What do you need to know about the nature of viruses?

Not a single computing environment is absolutely secure and all platforms can be at risk of being attacked. Chances of critical security vulnerabilities are there in every kind of operating system or platform which may lead to arbitrary code execution. This is why a secure, registered antivirus software should be installed, no matter what operating system you are using.

Safe browsing is not enough to be secure from virus attacks. Browsing porn sites and downloading pirated software, videos or movies leaves your computer at a higher risk of getting infected by a virus. Many times, legitimate websites may also redirect you to harmful sites which do harm to your computer.

An antivirus software is very efficient in protecting your computer from several threats. However, the efficiency depends on the form of the threat. Even if you are an expert regarding computers, you ought to install an antivirus software for better security.
Although an antivirus software secures your computer to a fair extent, you must keep in mind that a single security software cannot protect your computer from all kinds of possible threats. Malware writers constantly update their products for avoiding detection. Major antivirus software successfully detects and block the primary threats which are encountered online. An antivirus software is just a part of a layered strategy for security.
There are several forms of malware which get installed voluntarily. Trojans are the most common type of such malware. A malware writer convinces you to run his program, which does harm to your computer instead of doing what it is supposed to do. You may be tricked into playing a video which is actually a malware. It usually hides in your system, steals passwords and sends spam. The people who write malware earn their living by exploiting the systems of other people. These are designed very strategically and the most careful people end up being victims.

The most efficient malware infections come through products such as Adobe Flash and Adobe Reader and Microsoft Office. These programs are usually cross-platform which signifies that the malware writers can add codes to the PDF and Java exploits.

Zero-day exploits are another form of attack, but they are not very common. These attacks are usually aimed at specific companies and are targeted at unpatched computer systems.

How does virus damage your computer?

There are different forms of viruses and new, trickier viruses are being developed every day, which will cause great harm to your computer while browsing scam websites and while downloading files which are corrupted.

Here are the common ways by which viruses affect your computer:

  1. Your files are damaged.
  2. Your personal data gets accessed.
  3. The overall functioning of your computer slows down.
  4. You are unable to read disks and some of them make copies of themselves.
  5. Your email address and password may be captured.
  6. Your existing data may get corrupted or deleted.

How does antivirus protect your system?


A reliable and trusted antivirus software safeguards your computer. The rate of cyber crime is keeping on increasing rapidly and your computer has chances of being infected. Antivirus software deal with the detection and elimination of viruses, malware, worms, rootkits, and spyware. Here are the ways by which your system is secured by an antivirus program or software:

Real-time protection

Real-time protection is provided by antivirus software for your modern computer. The software does a quick scan of your entire system for the detection of infected programs and files. Once detected, the software removes any kind of harmful code. You can schedule these scans according to your convenience.

Detection of viruses from downloads

Antivirus software does a complete scan of any file you download from the internet. The scan is done before the file is downloaded and in the case of any threat, you will receive a notification. Then you can decide on what to do, but you should keep your computer’s health in mind, no matter how important the downloaded file may be.

Safe banking


All kinds of financial transactions you make online are secured by antivirus software. The antivirus blocks any harmful program which might be trying to record the data you are typing, such as your account number or password.

Scanning of your computer’s hard drive

Among the various scans carried out by an antivirus software, an overall scan of the hard drive ensures that all data and applications installed on your system are secure and free from any virus.

Scanning of removable drives/devices

An antivirus software does an overall scan of any kind of USB flash drive and any other kind of removable media when you connect them to your computer. The scan is done as soon as the device is plugged in and before you can access the content, the antivirus checks out for any virus or malicious content. You will get a notification when any harmful virus is detected.

The internet is quite a risky place to surf because of the increasing development of viruses and malware writers. This is the ultimate reason why you require an antivirus program to keep your computer and operating system secure. A secure computer, free from constant virus attacks will enable you to work smoothly. Your internet surfing experience will also be better and undisturbed. For a better and safer experience, you should use a modern operating system and make sure that you update the operating system. Keeping a backup of all your data will be beneficial as well. You should ensure that all applications you use are updated regularly.

Apart from the Antivirus, VPN services are also on the rise. Major Antivirus companies are providing the VPN facility, like Kaspersky, Avast, etc. VPN is another way to secure your privacy over the internet.


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