I keep writing about various tricks and tips about unlocking your various types of modems. Again time has come to unlock different models of Alcatel and ZTE phones for free. The unlock is possible through the cracked version of BB Multi Unlocker Key V15.0.

Unlock Alcatel Phones:

To unlock first generate the codes:

  • First, launch the software.
  • Select Alcatel tab to generate the unlock code for you.
  • Now select the model and provider.
  • Put your 15 digit IMEI in “Enter 15 digits IMEI here:” text area.
  • Now click on Unlock and you will get NCK code and SPCK code for your modem or phone on the left side screen of the software.
Entering codes to Generic Alcatel Phones:
  • Switch ON your phone without any SIM Card
  • Now compose: #0000*CODE#
  • To finish compose: #0001*CODE#

For Model 531 and 535:

  • Switch ON your phone without SIM Card.
  • Press * and without releasing the * type 787292.
  • A new menu “Unlock Network” will appear, then select “YES”.
  • Enter the Code you have generated.

 Other models of Alcatel:

  • Switch on your phone with invalid SIM Card
  • When the message “Enter Network Key” appear to enter the code generated for your phone.

Unlock Code Generation for ZTE Phones:

Launch the downloaded software and select “Codes by IMEI” tab.

  • Select your phone model from the “ZTE” drop down list
  • Put your phone IMEI number in “Enter the IMEI here:” box.
  • Now Click on “calculate Code” button.
  • Now your code will be displayed in the left side of the software screen.

Entering unlock codes to ZTE:

For entering NCK, type the following sequence in mobile: ###825*09#

For Model X760 and 341

Insert an invalid SIM (other than default) in your phone and power ON.

Now its will ask to enter unlock code.

Provide the unlock code you have generated and the PHONE is now unlocked.

Download Cracked version of BB Multi Unlocker Key 15 (Link removed due to virus)


  1. Hi Kamlesh Ji, how are you,
    Just saw your site as i have paid for code but have been struggling to unlock SIM (ME) LOCKED ((NP). When i key in wrong code message network locked, only emegency call.
    Have contacted Optus Alcatel, they send the same code .
    Kindly guide as to how i can solve, this issue.
    Thank You ,God Bless.

  2. Tq for reply, i Think my explaination was not clear. IMEI for Alcatel One Touch Pop C 1 4015X is 865150028202775. Contacted Optus and got code 8738112. It doesn’ work, so i have been searching internet for alternative and found your site. Do you have a solution for this issue. Thank You.


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