Teamviewer is the most popular software for connecting remote PC through the internet. AeroAdmin is the another freeware application that is useful to connecting to the remote desktop. It is free, stable, secure, portable, easy-to-use and no-configuration Remote Desktop software for Windows PC, that works behind NAT. It can be used right away after downloading it. The tool is absolutely free for personal use but you need to pay after a certain period of limitations are over. There is an option for free registration that can be availed by Liking the page of the developer on Facebook and the entire registration process unlocks a contact book feature.


My Opinion about AeroAdmin

The basic concept of AeroAdmin is similar to Teamviewer, you will find your session ID on left-hand side and on the right-hand side there are options to connect to another computer. The program is completely secured as all the connections are secured behind hybrid AES+RSA encryption.

AeroAdmin also allows parallel sessions, means you can control or view multiple computers at once or you can give control of your PC to multiple computers at once. This freeware app also offers unattended access by enabling the AeroAdmin service which can start the program with Windows startup and the computer can be accessed remotely without the presence of yours.

Another good part of this free software is that it comes with an inbuilt file manager that lets you download or upload files remotely. You can even pause or resume the transfer process if the connection is interrupted.

The AeroAdmin tool is quite smart as it automatically detects the internet connection speed and then adjusts the frames per second or the quality of images shared over the remote connection. With a stable and fast internet connection, playing videos on a remote computer is also possible.

The AeroAdmin is so flexible, that it allows you to create different rules for different connections, e.g. you can choose from several types of admin authorization.

aeroadmin-access-rightsOverall the tool is well designed and well built, as it is fast, easy and secure. You can download AeroAdmin from here.

Anydesk is another popular free app that provides remote desktop on Windows platform.


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