There are many companies who do not consider the idea of hiring a freelancer for carrying out several tasks such as designing a new website or writing content for their websites. Instead, they opt for choosing an agency for carrying out their work. However, in the modern day, it is recommended for small companies to hire a freelancer. Hiring a freelance for undertaking several types of work for a company is a good idea with several advantages.

hiringHere are the many advantages of hiring a freelancer for your company:


The charge or cost of hiring a freelancer is much less than that of availing the services of a well-established agency. A freelancer does not require any office space and additional staff. Hence, as a client, you will be able to save a lot of money by hiring a freelancer instead of an agency.


Many agencies have some preferred clients who demand more time and dedication for their work to be carried out. These clients may also be paying a greater amount of money and thus, agencies are likely to give more importance to these clients and may concentrate less on smaller clients. However, in the case of a freelancer, the work is carried out from project to project. Generally, freelancers work on one or two projects at a time. This way, the focus will be more on your work.

Freelancers are always there

Freelancers work really hard and even work at irregular hours for completing any work. They often work over five days a week, which is more than the hours’ agencies spend on work. If you need some work completed very quickly, a freelancer will work extra hours, work on weekends and during the night to achieve your target or deadline.

Direct chain of communication

In case you hire an agency, you have to deal with an account manager on a regular basis, who passes on your needs and instructions to a developer or designer. The designer carries out the task, sends it to the account manager, who gets it sent to you. In the case of freelancers, you can directly communicate with them and give your instructions and suggestions to them. Hence, your work will be carried out better and will be hassle free, due to your direct communication with the freelance designer or developer. The implementation is bound to be better.


Agencies and freelancers both provide expertise in implementing your work. Freelancers are as qualified as the agency developers, and you can expect an excellent quality of work. Moreover, in the case of an agency, the money you pay is divided among all the employees, but for freelancers, you only have to pay them for their skill and work.

Freelancers give more importance to your project

Freelancers usually work from project to project. They handle less project at a time and give full importance to what they have in hand. Agencies are associated with several clients with different types of work and different pays scale. It is quite possible that your work will be given less priority by agencies as they are more likely to give more importance to more established clients.


If you deal directly with a freelancer, instead of choosing an agency, your work is bound to take less time and will be completed speedily. There is no chain system of communication and with regular contact with the freelancer, you will be able to make any changes or give new suggestions.

Freelancers have their networks as well

Many companies go for agencies to get their work carried out because you are likely to get different kinds of services. Except just web designing, an agency can provide you with other related facilities such as copywriting or search engine optimization. Agencies have got various resources for the overall completion of your project. However, freelancers are no less as they too have several networks of contacts dealing with different types of tasks. Many freelancers may work together on a project, implementing their individual skills.

Freelancers are hired by agencies as well

Many agencies do not have the in-house resources to carry out several types of work. In this case, they often contact freelancers for working on these projects. These freelancers work on a contract basis and complete work on behalf of an agency who cannot deal with the task themselves.

By choosing a freelancer, you will get one person to carry out all your requirements and all the resources you need will be available. You will be able to find the perfect freelancer, fit for your work. The main advantage of hiring a freelancer is the cost effectiveness. Freelancers provide quality work which is as good is what agencies provide you with. Moreover, your work will be given more importance and priority when you hire a freelancer.

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