We all know the tabbed browsing, which is available in all major browsers like opera, chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer, and Firefox. It lets you open a new page in other Tab without opening the browser again, that makes the browsing experience easy.

Tab features can also be added in Windows / File Explorer with the help of a third party tool like Tablacus Explorer or Clove.

TidyTabs is a freeware application that is similar to above-mentioned tools, but it can add Tabs to any application running in Windows. Tablacus Explorer and Close was adding tab features in only File / Windows explorer, but TidyTabs can add Tabs in all the Windows programs.

With the help of TidyTabs tool, you can add Chrome-style Tabs in Windows Explorer, Microsoft Office and even in command prompt. The software itself integrates into the OS and you will feel like the multi-tab functionality as a core of Windows.


Once you have various apps opened, drag them and arrange in a single group for tabbed browsing experience. Now all your windows have a draggable tab, you can easily organize them into logically. Just drag one tab onto another and create a tabbed group. Tabs can be detached from a group and inserted into another one. You can even group windows from different applications together

draganddropTidyTabs is highly customisable and you can change it. Every single function of TidyTabs can be configured or disabled through the interface.


TidyTabs can also blacklist or whitelist any application based on your usage. Once you don’t need any tab, it automatically gets hidden.

The free version of TidyTabs supports only 3 tabbed interface. If you need more tabs and features, then you need to buy the full version. It supports both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems including Win 7/8/8.1/10. You can download this app from here.