If you lost data cable of your mobile, then you must be facing the problem of accessing the internet. Now, in this article, we will show you, how you will access over the internet via Bluetooth of your mobile. Yes, you can access your mobile modem via Bluetooth also. If you want, you can access the internet via Bluetooth on Windows 8 also. There, is no extra software is needed for connecting over the internet on windows 8 PC.

How to access the internet via Bluetooth on Windows 8?

  1. First, pair your PC Bluetooth with your PC or laptop.

2. To pair just enable Bluetooth of your PC and mobile too.

3. Now on windows 8 PC in notification area you will see a Bluetooth icon.

notification area
notification area
4. Right click on Bluetooth icon and select “Add a Bluetooth Device”.
add bluetooth
add Bluetooth
5. Now its will search Bluetooth enabled device and it will add to the list.
nokia added
Nokia added
6. Now open computer by pressing Windows Logo + E keys simultaneously.
control panel
control panel

7. Now click on “Open Control Panel” icon as shown in above screenshot.

8. Click on “Hardware and Sound”.

Hardware and Sound
Hardware and Sound
9. Click on “Devices and Printers”.
devices and printers
devices and printers
10. Now you will see that your device which you have been added via Bluetooth is added here in the list.
devices list
Bluetooth devices
11. Now right click on your device and select Modem settings.
device property
device property
12. Go to Modems tab.
device property of mobile bluetooth
device property of mobile Bluetooth
13. Here, you will see something “Standard Modem over Bluetooth link” and on the right side like COM22. Double click on it.
Bluetooth link property
Bluetooth links property
14. Here, go to Advanced tab and in Extra initialization commands: box put the following command:


Note : WWW is Vodafone APN number. Replace it with your network provider.

15. Now click OK and you will come to Devices and Printers window.

16. Now again right click on your device and go to “Dial-up Networking”-“Create a dial-up connection…”.

dial up networking
dial-up networking
17. Here, you will see “Standard Modem over Bluetooth link”. Just click on it to go ahead.
select modem
select modem
18. Here, Dial-up phone number as *99# and click on connect window.
dial up connection
dial up connection

Now the device will be connected to the internet after a few second.

If still, you have any problem connecting to the internet just comment and I will help you as soon as possible.

You can access the internet via Bluetooth on Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 10 also. There will a little bit change in every operating system. Just do yourself.

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