Accessing the internet on Linux PC is not an easy work, as various devices comes with only Windows software, no drivers for Linux OS. However, you can access the internet through Tata Indicom mobiles, USB modems and from another devices also. The below mentioned tricky method you can apply on another devices, with slightly changes.

Make sure you can access the internet only using USB cable / USB Devices on Linux OS. There is no driver’s installation for USB data cable is required in Linux OS. After configuring the device can only be accessed from root login which is admin login in Linux OS. Linux OS has 2 types of desktop environments Gnome and KDE. You can configure using any of the desktop environments, either Gnome or KDE.

This below mentioned procedures has been tested on Redhat Enterprise Linux 3 & above, Fedora Core 5,6 & above, SUSE Desktop Linux 9,10 & above, Debian Linux 5,6 & above Ubuntu Linux 5,6 & above.

According to Tata Photon / Tata Indicom the following devices are supported :

Nokia – All Models
Motorola – MotoRazr / Worldphone
Pantech – PA711 / PA715 Slider
LG – 5235, 6335, 350T Walky
Samsung – Wideo, DUO, T-Nimbus
Huawei – EC321 / EC325
Sungill – USB Modem Plug2surf

Kyocera – All models
Sierra – Air card 555
Huawei – C-506, 5300

How to configure Tata Photon Modem and Phones to Linux OS :

1. Connect the Mobile / Modem with data cable and the USB port of Desktop / Laptop.

2. Now login to the Graphical Interface of Linux PC and open the terminal from the Applications. Terminal can be found at this location :

Applications – Accessories – Terminal
Applications – System Tools – Terminal

3. In the terminal type the following command wvdialconf /etc/wvdial.conf which will detect the modem and installs it for internet connection.

Issue command on linux OS for modem installations
Issue command on linux OS for modem installations

4. Run the following command from terminal window gedit /etc/wvdial.conf which will open the configuration file as shown below.

Issue Command on Linux OS for configuration file
Issue Command on Linux OS for configuration file

5. Make the following changes in the configuration file.

(i) Delete the semi colon before last three lines phone, username, password

(ii) Enter phone no #777 username and password internet

(iii) Add this 2 extra lines in the configuration file at the last

Init3 = AT+CRM=1

Stupid Mode = 1

6. After changing the configuration file, you will like below screenshot :

Changes in configuration file
Changes in configuration file

7. Now, save the file and exit from the gedit application.

8. Now run the command wvdial from terminal which will connect to the internet.

Run the command to connect to the internet
Run the command to connect to the internet

9. Open the browser and start browsing.

10. If not getting the error, then run this command in the terminal once and the system is ready for browsing.

cp /etc/ppp/resolv.conf /etc/ this copy the file, it will ask for conformation to overwrite say Y to overwrite.

Overwrite the configuration file
Overwrite the configuration file

11. To end the data call close the terminal or press Ctrl + C.

End the Linux Internet Connection
End the Linux Internet Connection

You can also configure the dial-up connection in Fedora OS and if you have latest modems , which comes with Linux drivers, then you can install Huawei drivers in Linux OS also. Above mentioned trick will work for another device also, only change the Phone, username and password, and everything will be same.

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